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‘Alternative narratives are prosecutable’ – Stories that inform the evolution of culture and living

This session explores the intersection between fact and fiction in artistic research

‘How to influence the machines’ – Risk, Investment and Technology

Talking and thinking through how African communities engage with technology with artists

‘Nothing is Concrete’ – Turning the soil beneath

Exploring specific ways in which arts practitioners have ‘reconnected’ with ideas and local knowledge

‘…bodies holding space, space holding bodies…’ – Interruption, Interpretation, Language, Translation

A conversation between artists working with performance and process-driven collaborations

“Iconic Divas”

An unforgettable tribute show of the key iconic divas and their brilliant songs - with a live band! Sing along and Dance with us!


A production which includes contemporary, ballet and African dance

(extra)ordinary, (un)usual

A hybrid theatre-film event that combines the best of theatre and film

(femme) NOIR

An emotional excavation of the classic femme fatale character

047 Live in concert

047 is a boy band that is growing in popularity!

12 Labours | Artist Walkabout

Join Gavin Krastin on a walkabout of 12 Labours

3rd Generation Coconut

Thato Mabelane brings her much anticipated one woman special


Inspired by the story of 437 miners who died on the 21st of January 1960

A Night E’Makhanda

An intimate musical gathering

Abantwana belanga

A musical photomontage that compels the scrutiny of the artist and audience

Acoustiq Assassins – NEW AGE


African Son

The story of the repatriation and reburial of the remains of Moses Kotane

Afrika Sings!

From the village hills of the Eastern Cape to the dusty mines of Johannesburg, Afrika Sings!

Alfred Adriaan Live

Highly-anticipated, laugh-a-minute new show


A light-hearted theatre piece for all ages

Along Came Poly

A titillating insight into sexual, cultural, and political taboos

Amanda Black

One of the most powerful voices this generation has produced


A capella quartet led by Zamo Mbutho

Amazing Adventures of Her Majesty – Platinum Jubilee Edition

An affectionate musical comedy on the world’s longest-serving monarch

And Not A Word Was Spoken

In a post-pandemic world, how do we (re)claim the spaces we share(d)?

ARE MY ENEMIES NEAR 2 ‘Armageddon’

An online music performance around the theme 'Karoo kind'

ARTS LOUNGE AFRICA | A Conversation with Eria Nsubuga ‘SANE’

An interview the Ugandan-based visual artist Eria Nsubuga 'SANE'

ARTS LOUNGE AFRICA | A Conversation with Wezile Harmans

Wezile Harmans on his interdisciplinary art practice

ARTS LOUNGE AFRICA | Healing in the Visual and Performing Arts

Buhlebezwe Siwani, Wynona Mutisi, Viwe Madinda and Sikhumbuzo Makandula discuss healing


A performance intervention and conversation with Oluwatosin Tume and Oluwasegun Quadri

ARTS LOUNGE AFRICA | Sip’n Art: Creating an Art Space on the Move in Makhanda

Join Viwe Madinda and Juanito Featherstone for an interactive art-making session and discussion
Film  /  Jazz

Ashanti Tribe

Celebrating heritage and healing with music


A show of immense vitality, sadness and humour, Asinamali! makes for compelling theatre


Queen of Afropop and South African groove


BasicCity is changing the way people enjoy music

Be Moved

Be Moved... Be Thrilled... Be Entertained

Benjamin Jephta | ‘Born-Coloured; not Born-free’

Exploring ‘coloured identity’ through South African jazz

Bernard van Rossum Quartet + Big Band

Exciting Dutch/SA big band collaboration
Family  /  Theatre

Betti & the Yeti

A poignant message of acceptance

Bhuti is the Beast

Teens take to the stage to tackle gender-based violence and sexual abuse

Bloke & His American Bantu

A deftly-woven tour de force of brotherly love, intellectual banters and politics

Bokani Dyer Trio

Truly international SA jazz trio


Bongeziwe Mabandla - an enigmatic spirit of African Soul


A body of songs and instrumentals composed during the throes of the Covid lockdown

Breathing through the feet

I breathe English but I do not live it


Everyone has a story. This is Bryan’s… a unique mix of musicality, masterful storytelling and quirky comedy

Buhlebezwe Siwani | Artist Walkabout

Join Buhlebezwe Siwani for an Artist Walkabout

Butlers and Babysitters

The Addams Family meets Cluedo


The beating of the drum is heard only by the called

By Jeeves

A quintessential British musical farce


The world is burning, all we can do is laugh

Cape Town Opera | Spirituals

A one-hour showcase of uplifting African and African-American spirituals
Dance  /  Film

Casted Silhouettes

A poetry and movement film

CCI Economic Contribution & Covid-19 Impact – SACO

SACO conversation on CCI contribution to the economy & impact of Covid-19 on CCIs
Film  /  Theatre

Cigarettes After Sex

A short experimental art film which portrays the inner musings of a couple's ill-fated romance

Clara Delorme: Double Bill

Two dance performances by Clara Delorme
Jazz  /  Music

Classical Dreams

Listening is all we have to do, to be one with our natural selves

Comedy hour with Chris Mapane

Filled with an abundance of hilarious life stories, this is a show for the ages


One hour of not-to-be-missed humour with Tseliso Masolane

Concerning Blacks

An uncompromising depiction of township life through poetry

Conversation with God

They believe they have it all figured out, but a surprise changes everything


An Afro-centric music experience that includes elements of visual arts and allows the audience to experience music through a canvas (painting)

Criminal Tribes Act: Extended

A candid conversation that developes into an examination of the conflicts between speaker and subject
Comedy  /  Film

Death of a Donut

The Hilarious Murder Mystery Where YOU become a Part of the Show!


A dark comedy drama that conducts a ruthless audit of privilege

deus::ex::machina – Human Geography in a Virtual World

A physical expression of human geography, a search for connection within chaos

Diamond diggers

The history of diamond mining told through movement

Digital Storytelling Workshop

Participants are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences to create a meaningful story

Distell Playwright Competition 2022: Meet the Finalists

Meet the Distelle Playwright Competition finalists

Dream, Determination & Vision

It's okay to start over when you've lost your way

Dumza Maswana

Fuses African traditions, spirituality, soul and jazz

Durban High School

Durban High School Jazz Band


Experimental dance work showing the beauty of nature, the range of dance and the impact of art

Dying to be Human

A short film about two women facing the prospect of death

Earth Stories

A collection of dance treasures filmed across South Africa

Eastern Cape Ensemble

Come and witness the Eastern Cape in celebration
Jazz  /  Music

EC Showcase | Dakawa Jazz

4 days of jazz with the Dakawa Jazz Festival

ECPO Children’s Concert

A fun and interactive performance with ECPO

ECPO with CTO | Operatic Chorus | Icons

A rousing tribute to the world’s most iconic opera choruses

ECPO with Richard Cock | Homeland

A fun-filled programme for those who love South Africa, and the great musicians it has produced

ECPO with Richard Cock | Homeland | Livestream

A fun-filled programme for those who love South Africa, and the great musicians it has produced

Eisa Jocson | Corponomy | Artist Walkabout

Join Eisa Jocson for an Artist Walkabout


A theatrical reflection of Covid-19 pandemic woes


No matter who you are your story will be held in Pertunia’s voice

Ekitchini Moments in Time

An intergenerational, musical, storytelling experience

EMPINI YAMALUNGELO (advocating against GBV)

Preventing and combating gender based violence through musical education


“We used to fear our oppressors, but now we fear our own children.”

Ends with Tears

A theatre production about Gender Based Violence and its root causes

Engeki Quest

A ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style walking project

Everything But The Hits

Catchy songs, parlor games, and plenty of laughs with the Brothers Streep

Feeling Pretty

A story of women reclaiming their power


Part poetic experience, part musical offering, Fragments explores the fragmentation of identity

Ghetto The Musical

A musical theatre piece exploring life in the ghetto

Going to Fetch Kathy

The story explores the legacies of colonialism and Apartheid in public spaces


High-energy, high engagement with a whirlwind of saxophone and keyboards


The sacrifices that people make for a life insurance policy

Guilty as charged

Two love birds end up with their hearts broken


This powerful interpretation of Hamlet is brought to life through puppetry and physical performance

Hamlet | Livestream

This powerful interpretation of Hamlet is brought to life through puppetry and physical performance


A meeting place of virtual absence through digital presence

Hiding in the dark

A one-woman show relevant to all audiences

His TEN Fingers!

“Let my love... be heard”

How a Falling Star Lit up the Purple Sky

A dynamic visual poem that invites a re-assessment of the psychic and geographical spaces occupied by the (Wild) West, and the South

How to Hold the World

Fun, imaginative, and immersive!

Hullo, Bu-bye, Koko, Come In

A multimedia stage adaptation that weaves together poetry, sound and projection mapping


Desperate behaviour becomes the norm in Vimba Squatter Camp

I Stand Accused

The vulnerability of a young man left to mend his heart when his mother dies


An exploration of missed conversations and how they change the future

I’m not Angry – I Swear!

Comics Choice Awards nominee Emilio Tobias is ready to do his first solo show!


A spotlight on society, and politicians’ greed


A story of coming-of-age, family feuds, and hilarious insanity


A show filled with delightful deceptions, fantastic illusions, and mind-boggling mentalism


A taste of the most exciting new music from the Eastern and Western Cape

Indibano | Livestream

A taste of the most exciting new music from the Eastern and Western Cape


Ingoduko is a homecoming… return to yourself and heal with this musical performance


A tale of survival in the city aided by a love of music

Inkciyo: The Remains

A reimagining of the creative history production, Ukuzazi/Princess Emma


A jazz performance that focuses on the spiritual
Family  /  Theatre

IQHUDE a reawakening of people of the land.

A reawakening, a time to remember who we are - the people of the land.

Is Everything Connected?

Climate crisis from the perspective of marginalized groups and minorities

Isidlamlilo (The Fire Eater)

A powerful new one-woman tour de force of SA’s haunted past and present day complexities


Two middle-class suburban adults prepare for a big protest


Khanyiso Kenqa brings you observational humour about his everyday relationships

iStimela Sendaba

Join the storytrain live with ASSITEJ South Africa

Jam Session | Justin Bellairs

Where musicians gather collaborations emerge

Jam Session | Mandla Mlangeni

Where musicians gather, collaborations emerge

Jam Session | Murray Buitendag

A jam session led by Cape Town trombonist Murray Buitendag

Jam Session | Sakhile Simani

Where musicians gather collaborations emerge

Jazz Umcimbi + Art Exhibition: Visual & Sonic Offering

A multidisciplinary work that engages art as location of our cultural identities and histories

Johnnie Motsamai

Sacrifice and suffering has become the order of the day


Young people find themselves helpless in a troubled community

Julie Andrews Uncut

Julie Andrews, a self-made woman with a complicated past

Just Different, Not Less

The true story of JR Nkosi, an autistic self-taught keyboard master

Kaecy’s Autumn – In Concert

A journey through KAECY's life through music


No-one expected the waste management hierarchy to take such drastic measures


Sandra Prinsloo returns in her latest hit production, ‘Kamphoer – die verhaal van Susan Nell’


Caught between expectations and the heart's desire

Kyle Shepherd Quartet

Challenging boundaries with cutting-edge compositional style and sound

Leshano (The Lie)

The truth always comes out

Letter To Society

Letter to Society is a story of taking back power

Little Giants (Cape Town)

Little Giants (Cape Town)

Living your dream

The documentary speaks back to alternative modes for independent theatre-makers to be recognized on state-subsidized stages

Lockdown Blues

An original pacy satirical cabaret-style performance pertaining to all things lockdown
Music  /  Theatre

Maiden Voyage

A newly appointed space captain must navigate her way through the galaxy in this comedy sci-fi musical


The strength and power on an everyday African woman


iPhupho L'ka Biko aims to educate and spiritually awaken the public through music

Malope Indigenous Theatre

The journey of Kgosi Malope, King of the Batswana Tribe


Has the day of the ancient prophecy arrived? Can King Langa save his nation?

María Rodés

María Rodés is something absolutely overwhelming and exciting

Marikana 10 Years On | Artist Walkabout

To engage further join one of three walkabouts of this exhibition

Marikana 10 Years On | Marikana and the Law

A discussion which centres on locating the truth about what happened at the Marikana massacre

Marikana 10 Years On | South Africa, Marikana and Me

An inter-generational exploration of the personal and political through people’s connections with Marikana

Marikana 10 Years On | The Living Politics of Mining Affected Communities

A panel discussion on The Living Politics in Mining Affected Communities.


Matchbox Double Bill: Jikijela & What do you think the birds are doing?

MATS-UP featuring Mbuso Khoza

Unique, evocative Swiss/SA collaboration

May I Have This Dance

A hybrid of drama and dance that navigates delicate psychological terrain

Mbuso Khoza

Unique mix of traditional Zulu music and jazz

Memories Jam Trio

Meet Memories Jam Trio, a laid-back hammock pop blast from the past
Film  /  Music

Memory Keeper

A production that stands witness to both time and memory


Mnquma tells the story of a man on a quest to reconnect to his roots and reclaim the legacy of his ancestors

Molao Theo “The Bill Of Rights”

A 22-year-old college student seeks protection against the law


One of South Africa's most original and groundbreaking solo musicians
Dance  /  Film

Movement Beyond Borders Film

An artistic response to Covid-19 through movement
Family  /  Theatre


From a fruit market to the windy streets of Cape Town, the acrobats reveal that anything is possible
Family  /  Theatre

Moya | Livestream

From a fruit market to the windy streets of Cape Town, the acrobats reveal that anything is possible
Film  /  Music

Mr Keys & the Funky Munks

A combination of original compositions and some fresh takes on standards

My Society

A journey from rage and frustration to becoming the change in society

My Weight and Why I Carry It

A dark comedy exploring the limitations of anti-fatness

NAC Funding Information Sharing Session

NAC Funding Information sharing session

Naftali and the Royal Family

A voice not to be overlooked


A Setswana dance combining Setapa and Phathisi

National Schools Jazz Band

National Schools Jazz Band

National Youth Jazz Band

National Youth Jazz Band

Ngqawuse [The death of a nation]

A story of love and sacrifice borrowing aesthetics from African ritual, music, songs and dance

Nick Ford Project (Cape Town)

Nick Ford Project (Cape Town)


A story about self acceptance, true love and finding a balance in life


Soulful music that evokes emotion


The struggle of living on land you don't own

Nothing to Lose

An hilarious and introspective comedy show


Kagiso KG Mokgadi's brand new laugh-a-minute one-man-show


Be re-enchanted in a world eaten by the terror of its hunger, and believe in love once again
Film  /  Theatre

Old Soul Waiting

One woman. Two personalities. Which woman do we believe?

One Morning in Gurgaon | Guy Buttery, Mohd. Amjad Khan & Mudassir Khan

A shared appreciation of the musical wonders and landscapes of the subcontinent

Our Ocean is Sacred, You Can’t Mine Heaven | Artist Walkabout

Join the Artist Walkabout for this collaboratively curated exhibition
Film  /  Theatre

Out of the Black C

The African roots of Hip Hop

Outeniqua High School | George

Outeniqua High School (George)

Parel Vallei

Parel Vallei (Somerset West)

Passion of The Curry

A one-man comedy show that is spicy, relatable and inspired by life

Passport Blessing Ceremony

Inequality based on citizenship
Dance  /  Film

Peter and the Wolf – Locked Down

Who is Peter and what is the wolf?

Phinda Ubuyele

Generational trauma, regression, and survivor’s guilt through the eyes of siblings

Piano Classics

Award-winning pianist duo brings you an exciting programme of famous melodies by the great composers that have stood the test of time


A choreographic and poetic language to transcend violence


An exploration of gender based violence from the perpetrators' perspective

Pre and Post Marikana

Dancing the Pain of Marikana Widows

Punching Bag

A didactic play which speaks about the atrocities of gender based violence

Purgatory- “a working title”

An interrogation of societal imbalances and inequality through movement and sound

Raf Collective

A sonic exploration into the contemporary landscape of music

Reminisce Sins

Where there's a will... there's a relative!


Ringo brings you a Spiritual, Rhythmic and Healing journey

River of Tears

Her gift helps women in all sorts of ways

Rob van Vuuren is Still Standing

A new comedy show about the aftermath of the apocalypse

SBYA Vuma Levin I

Amazing confluence of SA and European musicians and influences

SBYA Vuma Levin II

Amazing confluence of SA and European musicians and influences

Scenes From The South – Revisited | Documentary Film

Amazwi has re-curated Scenes from the South for this year's first physical Festival

Scenes From The South Revisited | Walkabout

Scenes from the South is inspired by Coetzee's own trilogy of fictionalised memoir

Seven Ways to Say Goodbye

A moving journey to finding self

Sibusiso Mashiloane: Six Years of Sounding Home

Varied rhythmic languages and the spirit of ubuntu

Soul2Soul Liveband

You’ll be on your feet dancing in no time!

South African Pieces

South African Pieces aims to increase awareness about child abuse


An all-women production questioning inequality and intolerance

Spanish Steps

Will Maureen and Barry push each other over the edge or can they help each other become unstuck?

SPAZA (Mushroom Hour)

A new suite of music coming out of 3 days of workshopping


Are the real reasons behind our struggles rooted in apartheid?

Spiritfest Programme

SUNDAY WORSHIP The Cathedral of St Michael & St George, High Street Come and participate in a…

Spiritual Realm

Music for the soul, by the soul


A visual journey charting “the end” or the feeling that it may just be “the end”

Stay At Home Comedian

Pull in for a laugh! It’s going to be lekker! See You at the show! Awê!

Stellenbosch University Gig Band

Stellenbosch University Gig Band


A terrible lapse results in a drug-fueled crisis

Stuart Taylor – aLIVE

A unique blend of the comedy and magic that Stu is renowned for


An exciting metatheatrical experience of grief spiralling out of control

Tackling Societal Issues Through Art

A live music and poetry production tackling societal issues

Tears Of The Creatives

The challenges of being an artist


Witness the viral daring duo that WOW-ed the Britain’s Got Talent judges!

The Bhacasoul Experience

The Bhacasoul Experience to heal the soul

The Breakfast Podcast

Banter, laughs, a lekker cup of coffee - the perfect way to get the day started

The Cat & The Monkey

A dark comedy set in the spotlight

The Children’s Monologues

Monologues of grief, loss, love, friendship and bravery

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged A New Variant

If you love Shakespeare you will love this show, if you hate Shakespeare you will love this show

The cracked vase

A tragic love story - will Siwelele and Zwelibanzi find their way back to each other's arms?

The Crime Scene

The impact of absent fathers

The Dr Hokaspokas Show

Can Doctor Hokaspokas help King Panda to laugh again?

The Drowning Eye

Love's "imperfections and perversions" - a play by Frantz Fanon

The Final Comedy Show

The perfect way to wrap up 10 days of amazing

The Grave

A young boy's life unravels when he meets bad company

The Gukurahundi Genocide

A play premised on the Gukurahundi genocide

The Harvest

A tribute to the spirit of community and goodness
Film  /  Theatre

The House of Shadows

Can you help Johnnie escape the House of Shadows?

The Jackal and the Wolf

Based on the age-old fable of Aesop and performed with life-size puppets and masks!


Li Lau will take you on a daring journey of the impossible capabilities of the human body and mind

The Sabbath

A series of compositions written for a string quartet by jazz singer and composer Gabi Motuba

The Story Of Eva Cassidy

A remarkable story told by a remarkable performer

The Story of Fire

Theatre meets Circus, Entertainment meets Art, Grace meets Primal, and Language meets Heart

The Very Big Comedy Show

The cream of SA’s comedy talent

The Ward Councilor

It's a dog eat dog world!

ThreeDom of Speech

Get ready for punchlines strong enough to bring back the power


SBYA for Music 2021 Cara Stacey and Mozambican musician and composer Matchume Zango

Trash Mouth

A raunchy stand-up comedy hour

Tribute to Eastern Cape Jazz

Jazz has roots in the Home of Legends

Tutu Puoane

Warm, alluring soprano that bridges intercontinental jazz traditions

Two Fags And A Dancer

Vibrant characters and a solid dose of comedy to get audiences laughing

Umnqa! Never Defeated

This true story of defying the strongholds of colonial conquest links the past and the present

Undead Generation

A shape-shifting punk rock collective

Untold Stories Music Show

Afrikan contemporary with an isiXhosa sound and jazz influences

Urban Circus

A love letter to the thrilling acrobatics of big city life

Urban Circus | Livestream

A love letter to the thrilling acrobatics of big city life

Usha Seejarim | Artist Walkabout

Join Usha Seejarim for an Artist Walkabout

Veters van Ampersand

It's all fun and games... until it isn't


A multimedia cabaret telling the story of Vincent Van Gogh


Using food and sex as metaphors to explore social relations


A reflection on our abnormal psychological battles with our own realities


Using art to transform dumping sites into something pleasing to the eye

We Are Sky’s Things | Artist Walkabout

Engage further with this exhibition through an artist walkabout


The newest arrival on Gqeberha's comedy scene

We Could’ve Worked It Out

A young female, an abusive boyfriend, 20-20 hindsight

We Regret to Inform You

Looking for work, getting work and losing work, how that can be work on its own.

We Regret to Inform You | Exhibition

The space which houses 'We Regret to Inform You' is open for public viewing outside of performance times.

We’re back with Goosebump a cappella!

An a capella ensemble, celebrating music and the joy of singing


A war cry for the soul

Xa Bekutheni?

Remembering Nosicelo Mtebeni and other GBV victims in South Africa

Xavi Torres Vicente Trio

Outstanding Spanish pianist and exciting young SA saxophonist


An expressive musical theatre show, highlighting social issues


Doomed by war, Vuyo and Dumi relive the battlefield daily