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How to take part

How to take part

So you want to help us make Makhanda AMAZING? That’s great news – there are loads of ways you can be part of the country’s favourite Festival which takes place again from 25 June – 5 July 2020.

Every year we get dozens of enquries from people wanting to take part, but usually they are too late so take note of the key dates below and diarise them so you can get in early!

What it is Important dates
Samson / Photo: Nikki Newman


Main Programme

The Main Programme is carefully selected by our Curators, members of the Artistic Committee and members of the NAF team. It spans all genres and is intended to showcase the best in South African art, in all its forms. On the programme there is space for new work, established and tried-and-tested work, and everything in between.

The call for submissions is now closed. If you’re interested, here it is.

Arena Programme

The Arena Programme is our “playground for Award winners”. If you have won a Standard Bank Ovation Award on the Fringe at NAF, or an award at an international festival, then you’re eligible to apply.

Invitations to Award winners will be sent out in November 2019.
Sundowner Concert

Fringe Programme

The Fringe is a vast treasure trove of work, entirely unselected and open access. If you want to present work on the Fringe you simply need to register in the window period, and we’ll assign you a venue, schedule your performances and sit back to watch you shine.

Fringe applications are now open. Click here. Applications close on 20 January 2020 with Early Bird applications closing on 31 December 2019.

Standard Bank Village Green

Are you a visual artist or crafter? Then you might want to book a stall at the Standard Bank Village Green to sell your wares. Stalls cost around R6000 for the duration, and there is also space at the Informal Market around Church Square from R2200 upwards.

Applications can be made anytime before 15 February here



The Creativate Digital Arts Festival runs concurrently with the Festival – and is a playground for all artists working in the space where creativity and technology meet. The programme includes talks, workshops, performances and an exhibition hall.

Calls for proposals will go out in November each year, with a deadline of around end January for submissions.