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Scenes From The South – Revisited | Documentary Film

Amazwi has re-curated Scenes from the South for this year's first physical Festival

Umnqa! Never Defeated

This true story of defying the strongholds of colonial conquest links the past and the present

And Not A Word Was Spoken

In a post-pandemic world, how do we (re)claim the spaces we share(d)?

Feeling Pretty

A story of women reclaiming their power
Film  /  Theatre

Old Soul Waiting

One woman. Two personalities. Which woman do we believe?

Veters van Ampersand

It's all fun and games... until it isn't

Dying to be Human

A short film about two women facing the prospect of death

Living your dream

The documentary speaks back to alternative modes for independent theatre-makers to be recognized on state-subsidized stages

The Harvest

A tribute to the spirit of community and goodness
Film  /  Theatre

Cigarettes After Sex

A short experimental art film which portrays the inner musings of a couple's ill-fated romance
Dance  /  Film

Movement Beyond Borders Film

An artistic response to Covid-19 through movement
Film  /  Theatre

Out of the Black C

The African roots of Hip Hop
Film  /  Music

Memory Keeper

A production that stands witness to both time and memory
Film  /  Theatre

The House of Shadows

Can you help Johnnie escape the House of Shadows?


Be re-enchanted in a world eaten by the terror of its hunger, and believe in love once again

Breathing through the feet

I breathe English but I do not live it
Film  /  Music

Mr Keys & the Funky Munks

A combination of original compositions and some fresh takes on standards
Film  /  Jazz

Ashanti Tribe

Celebrating heritage and healing with music
Dance  /  Film

Casted Silhouettes

A poetry and movement film

Leshano (The Lie)

The truth always comes out


Using food and sex as metaphors to explore social relations


A visual journey charting “the end” or the feeling that it may just be “the end”

Letter To Society

Letter to Society is a story of taking back power

(femme) NOIR

An emotional excavation of the classic femme fatale character

Dream, Determination & Vision

It's okay to start over when you've lost your way
Dance  /  Film

Peter and the Wolf – Locked Down

Who is Peter and what is the wolf?


A meeting place of virtual absence through digital presence


The strength and power on an everyday African woman
Comedy  /  Film

Death of a Donut

The Hilarious Murder Mystery Where YOU become a Part of the Show!