ǂKhaikari – The Awakening (Cape Flats Kung Fu)

ǂKhaikari – The Awakening (Cape Flats Kung Fu) follows the journey of a woman experiencing a spiritual awakening as she begins to heed the call of her ancestors who speak to her through the ritual of her music, rhyme and dreams.

As the wounded healer undergoes an initiation she is called upon to help her people in the Cape Flats remember their rich heritage. She learns of the warfare for her own mental state and the spiritual one that informs the current state of violence and mayhem on the Cape Flats. Through this metamorphosis, she is guided by her ancestors who ensure she has the tools needed for her path.

  • Ticket Price: R35.00
  • Genre: Performance Art
  • Duration (minutes): 15mins
  • Release Date: July 08, 2021 00:01 - August 31, 2021 23:59



Producer and Director: Monishia Schoeman (Eavesdrop)
Main Character (initiate): Monishia Schoeman (Eavesdrop)
Dancer (ancestor spirit): Chay Jordan Rory Botman
Indigenous Music: Collin ‘The Bushman’ Meyer
Technical Assistant: Hayley Axford
Video Editor: Andy Mkosi

NAF Technical Crew:
Lighting: Moegamat Cloete
Stage Hand: Enrico Cloete
Sound Engineer: Brandon Kemp
Videographer: Andrew Herman
Cameraperson: Edward Adams


Monishia Schoeman aka Eavesdrop is an arts activist who uses hip hop lyricism, music and performance to comment and reflect on some of the social issues which afflict her people. She comes from Cape Town, born and raised in the township of Parkwood up until she left there at the age of 37.

She uses her creative voice to unpack complicated narrative about culture, identity, perception, media propaganda, memory and the impact/effects of trauma for those living on the Cape Flats and in the ghettos built by Apartheid architects and upheld by those who cannot escape.

She’s been active in the arts for 19 years and has just written, produced, directed and acted in her very first theatre play called ‘Memory is a Weapon’ staged at Artscape at the beginning of July 2021. In many ways her creative journey has just begun.

Chay Jordan Rory Botman is a young b-boy (breaker) from Cape Town who loves dance and has entered numerous competitions whilst working as a dance instructor and choreographer. He has a vision of taking his dance career as far as he can whilst sharing his knowledge and skills with younger dancers.