6th Floor

Helper. Ausi. Caretaker. Aunty. Housekeeper. Homemaker. Domestic.
6th Floor is an audio piece which explores the experiences of two live-in domestic workers and their relationship with homemaking away from Home.

Inspired by interviews and initiated conversations with domestic workers and live-in staff, 6th Floor is an audio piece which captures the internal feelings and conflicts experienced by two domestic workers and the relationship with their work environment.

The piece places two “live-in” experiences: living away from home and family and living with family, in their live-in work environment. The piece explores the differences and similarities between these experiences.

6th Floor touches on themes of loneliness and the missing of home, as well as the comfort of routing. It is this routine – everyday household tasks and activities – that are the rituals of homemaking.

This layered audio experience is supported by a soundscape of song, rhythm and sounds.

  • Ticket Price: R25.00
  • Genre: Theatre
  • Duration (minutes): 22mins
  • Ages: PG
  • Release Date: July 08, 2021 00:01 - August 31, 2021 23:59
  • Language: Southern seSotho and sePedi



Created and written by Rethabile Headbush
Translated and performed by Pabala Mokhethi and Kgothatso Makwala
Background song and vocals by Rehtabile Headbush and Pabala Mokhethi
Soundscape created by Rethabile Headbush

Production Gallery

Rethabile Headbush


Pabala Mokhethi


Kgothatso Makwala


6th Floor



Recently graduating from a full-time practical performance and theatre-making course at the Market Theatre Laboratory, Rethabile Headbush has performed in the Naledi Award winning Market Theatre productions, Eclipsed: Phifalo ya Ngwedi and No Easter Sunday for Queers. Earlier this year, she performed as Lady Macbeth in the Joburg Theatre’s multilingual adaptation of Macbeth.
She is currently exploring documenting and archiving of performing arts as she continues to develop her craft in theatre-making.

Pabala Mokhethi is a young creative based in Tladi, Soweto.
Pabala studied at AFDA, where she later received her Degree in Live Performance, she hopes to portray story in the most meaningful way in people’s hearts and their experiences. She strives to work on environ(mental), social issues and philanthropy at large. Her aim is to collectively create art through uses of performance, music and visual content. Mokhethi believes her purpose is aligned with discipleship and therapy.

Kgothatso Paulina Makwala was born and raised in the heart of Limpopo and is a trained actor, voice over artist, stage manager, writer, presenter. Makwala is a current member of the KWASHA Theatre Company. She spent 2 years in The Market Theatre Laboratory studying Performance Arts. She is part of the ensemble casts for Naledi Theatre Award winning plays ‘No Easter Sunday For Queers’ and ‘Eclipsed’. She was involved in the Mzansi Awards show directed by Jefferson Tshabalala (Jbobs). Kgothatso looks to empower young artists within creative spaces.