Advanced Modular Synthesis Techniques

sean Devonport

  • Format: Webinar/Workshop
  • Duration: 90min
  • Language: English
  • Ages: 14+
  • When: 02/07/2020 2:00 pm
  • Recorded: Yes

This workshop will cover more advanced techniques using VCV Rack. Various synthesis techniques, and generative synthesis algorithms will be discussed and demonstrated using free third-party modules hosted in VCV Rack. This will give you the ability to break out of western tonal music and understand microtonal music and procedurally generated rhythms. The second half of the workshop will cover how VCV Rack can also be used as a control system for third party software like Resolume, MaxMSP and even the Unreal Game Engine. Learn the basics of clock/pulse signals, control voltage, oscillators, envelopes, modulator signals and sequencers, quantisers, audio effects and oscilloscopes, and how we use all these components within VCV and a normal musical workflow.

This is the second of two sessions. The introductory workshop covers all the basic theory of modular synthesis and demonstrate this using the fundamental modules that are provided in VCV. The workshop will also show how to integrate your VCV Rack into a normal digital audio workstation-based and MIDI controlled workflows so that you can start incorporating it in your music and sound design productions right away. 

Did you miss this workshop? Click PLAY on the video screen below to watch a recording of the live event.


Presented as part of Creativate Digital Arts Festival.



Presenter: Sean Devonport


Sean Devonport is a sound and media technology researcher, developer and creator. Introduced to 3D immersive audio in his latter university years and coupled with his love for sound, he chose to pursue the research and development of a 3D immersive audio system that is both cost efficient, easy to use and simple to scale. This research allowed him to receive a Masters degree in Computer Science with distinction from Rhodes University and develop a market-ready immersive loudspeaker system as a cofounder of the company, immersiveDSP SA. He has also put his research into practice by working on multiple award-winning immersive art installations and theatre productions at the Standard Bank National Arts Festival throughout 2015 – 2018, some of which were the first full scale 3D immersive audio productions ever to be held in South Africa.

More recently in 2020, his passion for sound, art and media has driven him to explore various different methods of producing incredible immersive content that he believes can truly change lives. He is currently collaborating with a local Cape Town studio to create valuable tools and integrations that are helping to bring wordclass audio experiences to the UAE 2020 World Expo.