After God’s Own Heart

Palesa Matabane

Following her untimely demise in a taxi, a young girl finds herself at the Pearly Gates. Before her, Anubis, Death, Saint Peter, Styx, her ancestors, and a host of angels are all awaiting to hear her final confession before she can be led to her final resting place. In this interactive WhatsApp performance, the audience takes on the role of the host of angels and the ancestors who are there to help Anubis, Death, Saint Peter, and Styx determine her final resting place. The narrative is a true confession superimposed on the fictional situation of the artist’s death. The fiction provides a context through which to involve the audience – and the confession is the performance. By using online social media tools and methods, the performance will be carried out as a guided confession where the actors coax the audience into performing with them and, ultimately, arriving at verdict.

This performance takes place continuously over several days and runs for approximately one hour a day.

Performance dates:

28 June – 16:00
29 June -18:00
1 July – 19:00
2 July – 16:00
5 July – 18:00

To join the performance, click on this link [HERE]  from your smartphone or via WhatsAppWeb.


Presented as part of the Creativate Digital Arts Festival

  • Genre: Whatsapp Performance 18:00
  • Format: Video
  • Duration: 60min
  • Language: English and at times Sesotho/Pedi/Setwana or Zulu
  • Ages: 14+
  • Available From: June 28, 2020


Creator/director and performer: Palesa Matabane

Cast/content creators:
Morena Hlatshwayo
George Dywilli
Mahloli Pesa
Matete Phala
Chad Johnston
Hlobisile Mahlangu


Palesa Matabane: Palesa is a theatre maker who focuses on finding engaging ways to deliver stories and concepts. Her works include Sexy Black Bitch, Liapole tsa Gauta and Senohe, for which she won the Kyknet best physical theatre production award at Krekvars Student Arts Festival. She has participated in multiple festivals and productions, which have led her to this, her latest work to date.

George Dywili: George is a 29 year old actor, who graduated in 2013 from the University of Pretoria. He has appeared in  commercials, short films and in 2018 a feature film. George voices puppets in his yearly puppet shows that he performs during library week at Johannesburg libraries to make reading fun for the youth. He was also a voice in the South African Afrikaans animated series, Systraat.

Chad Johnston: Chad is a passionate and dedicated artist, and has been in a variety of productions in a multitude of roles. He believes that the arts is a critically undervalued sphere that should be used to activate social change. Equally comfortable both behind the scenes or within the action, he aims to spark change through education, activism and performance.

Matete Phala: Matete is a storyteller using the mode of performance specialising in acting, physical theatre/ movement and choreography. Matete is also a research scholar completing her Masters degree in the visualisation of Bapedi traditions and customs. She holds a BA drama degree from the University of Pretoria and a BA Honours degree in drama and film studies (cum laude). Matete has had the opportunity to perform on South Africa’s major stages and festivals, including her feature on the Box Office hit film, Matwetwe.

Mahlodi Pesa: Mahlodi is currently doing her post-graduate degree in drama and film, following her BA degree in drama and film. She has experienced many platforms, such as the National Arts Festival, Dance Umbrella Africa and Kopanang Students Arts Festival. Her passion lies in physical theatre with Afrofusion as a speciality.

Hlobisile Mahlangu: Hlobisile is an actress, singer, and voice artist, who began her journey in the arts at 11 years old in an arts youth organisation called Telios Korban Organisation, founded by the late Martins Duruji. She went on to pursue a national diploma with the Tshwane University of Technology, for which she specialised in script writing and educational theatre. She completed her studies in 2019 and was a part of the CADO programme at the South African State Theatre as a fieldworker in 2018 and 2019.

Morena Hlatshwayo: Morena, also known as Blight, is a 35-year-old performer who specialises in battle rap and poetry. He is venturing into other fieldaof performance. He recently worked on Small Boys with Big Sticks directed by Palesa Matabane, which showed at the South African State as part of the Vavasati Festival.