David Middendorp - Another Kind of Blue

This unique project begun in 2011 by choreographer and artistic director of Another Kind of Blue, David Middendorp is the culmination of his dream to synthesise dancer and technology. Airman is a duet where the shape of human consciousness if it would be represented by technology is explored. In this duet technology is represented by a group of drones that sometimes take a human shape by all flying together in that formation. He has developed a motion-capture control system, with which he is  able to operate twelve drones to fly a pre-set choreography which the drones fly autonomously. Through real-time interaction, the flesh and blood dancer allow the drones to adopt human form and consciousness; The system has been further developed so it can have live, real-time interaction with the dancer that is not pre-determined. Ten years in the making Airman is the culmination of a collaborative process assisted by the expertise of technical partners Sioux LIME, ASC Innovation and Luchtzinnig.


Airman is presented as part of the 2020 Creativate Digital Arts Festival.

  • Genre: Dance
  • Format: Video
  • Duration: 9 min 35 sec
  • Language: Non-verbal
  • Ages: 8+
  • Available From: June 25, 2020


Artist and Director: David Middendorp
Videography: David Middendorp
Video Drone Specialist: Stefan Bandalac
Technical Partners: Sioux LIME, ACS Innovation, Luchtzinnig, Dutch Tilt Studio’s
Project Management: Henricus Basien and William Simmonds
Interface: Jasper Hartong
Dancer: Ivan Montis
Costumes: Ben Voorhaar – Karisma Costumes


Airman is a collaboration between:
David Middendorp: choreographer
Sioux LIME: software written
Luchtzinning: image and hardware drones
ACS Innovation: communication with computer
Henricus Basien and William Simmonds: view the entire project
Stefan Bandalac: practical implementation
Ben Voorhaar: costume maker
Ivan Montis: dancer
Jasper Hartong: interface technicians