Are You There?

Movement + Story + Technology

  • Ticket Price: R25.00
  • Duration: 2mins 39sec
  • Age Recommendation: All Ages
  • Genre: Dance
  • Language: English

They say anything happens in the land of dreams, we can be super heroes and we can be anywhere, the places we have never been to can be accessed through the land of dreams. In this piece a boy goes to sleep and he encounters his mother who passed on. They get to walk, talk and have a mother-son relationship which is the one thing the boy had always wished for. Welcome to Adrian’s dream filled with different emotions – sad, happy, astonished etc. He wakes up, only to find out that it was only a dream, thereafter his mind is filled with a question “Are you there?”

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Concept: Adrian Tony
Director & performer: Adrian Tony
Videography: Eventful Media


The artist is known as Smurf in the dance industry. He is a dance performer/choreographer who has done amazing. Smurf is part of the best dance studio in South Africa called Creed Entertainment for the year 2017 and the founder of a company called M0v3m3nt + St0ry Collaborative which is yet to be registered. Smurf has represented the country in Thailand, Germany, Arizona, Glasgow and was supposed to go to Croatia last month for DanceStar World Tour Finals. This has made him to be recognized in the Hip Hop world rankings as he competes in the World Trail Circuits (WTC) and a medalist in South Africa Body of Dance (SABOB). Smurf is part of YO! MTV Raps “the African version”, he is also one of the first South Africans to do the Portuguese Festival. Currently studying Community-Builders Dance Training Programme, Youth in Arts Leadership Programme at Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative.