As If The Rain Watched Over Her

A short film blending acting and dance to an original score, “As If The Rain Watched Over Her” traces a day in the life of a young wig maker, Maria, whose internal conflict reaches a climax through the troubled relationship with her sister, Elizabeth. As viewers, we are never certain which of the two sisters’ perception of reality we can trust as the lines between the real and dream worlds become blurred. As the day unfolds, the precarious situation makes it unclear whether Elizabeth really exists while the restless Maria struggles to make sense of the world in and around her head. Set in an anonymous space and time, the story is told by an all-female cast on a rainy day when the shadow side of the mind is chased by the past Maria can no longer keep secret.

  • Ticket Price: R25.00
  • Genre: Dance
  • Duration (minutes): 15mins
  • Release Date: July 08, 2021 00:00 - August 31, 2021 23:59
  • Language: English



Concept: Jacques Batista
Producers: Collegiate Girls’ High School in association with AFDA, Jacques Batista
Story: Jacques Batista, Caitlin WIggill
Director: Jacques Cloete
Choreographer: Jacques Batista
Screenplay: Jacques Cloete
Filming (Cinematography and editing): Jacques Cloete
Make Up: Alexander Tabisher
Costumes: Jacques Batista, Amanda Foullkes
Original Score (Dances): Shane Cooper, Francois Le Roux, Kendal Beadon

Original Song “Raindrops”: Debbie Walker
Musicians: Judith Parfitt, Debbie Walker
Vocalists: Kirsty Walker, Lonalunathi Qaba
Recorded by Richard Campbell


Sophie Bradshaw (Maria)
Ogiy’onke Oliphant (Elizabeth)

Anoyolo Busakwe
Ashleigh Maling-Nel
Alessandra Tschirschwitz
Miceala van Rhyn
Caitlyn Burton
Lathi Mgwebi
Amy-Leigh Ward
Kirsty Walker
Ava Beary
Taylor Wilson
Charlotte Hutchinson
Mihle Ngqoza
Emihle Ngqoza
Shalynn Buys

Kayleigh Killian
Yolani Oliphant
Jessica Smith
Avuzwa Gotyana
Lilita Gila
Paige Bezuidenhout
Lolwethu Matokazi
Abigail Lacey
Lathita Doyi
Mamelo Ngcwabe
Petra Coltman
Camryn Robinson
Olona Gwili
Lonalunathi Qaba

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As If The Rain Watched Over Her



Jacques Batista
A graduate of the Rhodes University Drama Department, he has demonstrated versatility as a performer across several genres from Sahkespeare to Physical Theatre. Not only is Batista adept as an actor, but a theatre-maker who collaborates with notable artists to produce works within an all-female context. He has attended several workshops in movement and contemporary dance locally and internationally. Most recently, he was selected to participate in the Woordfees Flicker & Flash Artist Week where he was part of the clowning group that took to the streets of Stellenbosch.

Jacques Cloete
A film lecturer at AFDA, Cloete specialises in multi-disciplinary film genres with specialisation in directing. He has been the mastermind behind several screen projects leading up to and beyond post-graduate studies at the University of the Freestate. In addition to FIlm Production, Cloete has studied psychology and South African Sign Language. All this infuses his work with an intricate understanding of the human condition.

Caitlin Wiggill
With a Master’s Degree in Drama and Theatre Studies from Stellenbosch University, Wiggill is an up and coming theatre maker specialising in writing and directing. Her play “God Is A Woman” was adapted for screen as “Ander” on KykNet. In addition, she directed Carpets as part of the Toyota US Woordfees in 2018 and was nominated for the Best Upcoming Artist award. In 2019 she directed Monstruasie for the Premiere Festival and won the award for best director.