Attempt on Dying

Boris Nikitin

One year after the death of his father, author and director Boris Nikitin begins to write the story of his Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease. The disease made short work of destroying his father, a year from diagnosis to death. Very early on in his illness, his father broached the idea of considering assisted suicide, which is a legal way of dying in Switzerland. It is a declaration that changes everything. In Attempt on Dying, Nikitin combines the story of this outing with the story of his own coming-out as a gay man 20 years ago and develops a radical and at the same time intimate theatrical evening about what it means to take the step into the public eye, making oneself attackable and vulnerable. Nikitin’s play thereby fundamentally reinterprets vulnerability from a trait  that we usually prefer to hide from each other, to a courageous ability that arises in the act of its exposure.

Performances take place on 25 June, 29 June, 30 June and 1 July at 18:30. These performances will take place through the Zoom platform. Registrations will open on Monday 22 June and will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Numbers are strictly limited so please ensure that you are able to attend if you register.

  • Genre: Live Performance 18:30
  • Format: Live performance
  • Duration: 55mins
  • Language: English
  • Ages: 14+
  • Available From: June 25, 2020


Written, directed and performed by: Boris Nikitin
Production Management: Annett Hardegen
Production: It’s The Real Thing Studios


Boris Nikitin is a theatre director, author and the artistic director of the Swiss festival “It’s the real thing – Basel Documentary Platform”. He directs in the international independent scene and at German-speaking municipal theatres and is regarded as one of the important contemporary theatre creators of contemporary German speaking theatre. Nikitin’s theatre works have been dealing with the representation and production of identity and reality for over ten years. The plays and performances seek to cross the border between illusionary theatre and performance, between documentary and fake. They partly completely resolve the contradiction between offensive dilettantism and artistic virtuosity, between concept and grand theatrical gesture. Nikitin’s works are raw, frontal, direct, always precisely composed and staged, always searching for the limits and fractures of the aesthetic. “Like few others, Boris Nikitin is currently leading the theatre to a critical point,” writes Theater Heute, Germany’s biggest professional theatre journal.