Ballet Lai Lai Land

Leagan Peffer

  • Ticket Price: R25.00
  • Duration: 15mins
  • Age Recommendation: All Ages
  • Genre: Children's Choice
  • Language: English

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a ballerina? Now, with Ballet Lai Lai land, you can become one! Enter the magical Land of Ballet Lai Lai, learn the magical dances, solve the quest, help save ballet lai lai land and become a Ballet Lai Lai ballerina. Ballet Lai lai Land is a unique step by step instructional dance video that teaches Ballet and other dances in a fun and interactive way. Incorporating story telling and make-believe while learning the incredible art of ballet and dance. Valuable lessons such as etiquette and good manners are taught. An excellent tool to keep children stimulated.

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Director/Producer: L.M Peffer
Writer: L.M Peffer
Videographer: NM. Mbatha , SC. Fynn
Music: guest songs by DG. Fourie
Graphic Designer: LJ. Joshua
Artists: LM. Peffer, N.Ngema, M. Julius