Dorothée Munyaneza

marrow and Ochre
red yellow
Oblivion no
a melody I hold

In the marrow
inzuki  ziracyaguruka
liminal we move         in this  city
I remember
lack speak

We kurira

The earth does not taste the same                            We kubabara
Through it                               all
Sometimes      the       bees    buzz in my bones
and you                       return
Izuba rizarasa

  • Genre: Performance Art
  • Format: Video
  • Duration: 14 min
  • Language: n/a
  • Ages: PG
  • Available From:
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Thank you to Friche Belle de Mai for facilitating production, and thank to Arthur Mérigaud and Lucie Domingo


Dorothée Munyaneza

Dorothée Munyaneza is Rwandan and British living in Marseille.  As a multi disciplinary artist she employs music, text and movement to deal with rupture as a dynamic force, drawing from real stories seizing body, memory and our times to create a space of resonance.

Munyaneza has sang since her childhood. She trained at the Jonas Foundation in London, studying music and social sciences in Canterbury, she became certain that music was pivotal in her work. She composed and sang part of the soundtrack for the film Hotel Rwanda and she took part on the AfroCelt Sound System’s Anatomic album.

In 2006, she met François Verret and entered the contemporary dance scene.

Today she works with other artists such as Nan Goldin, Robyn Orlin, Bruce Clarke, Stéphanie Coudert, Maud Le Pladec, Seb Martel, Ben Lamar Gay, Rachid Ouramdane and Alain Buffard.

She ventures between dance, poetry and experimental music with Alain Mahé, Jean-François Pauvros and Ko Murobushi.

In 2013 Dorothée Munyaneza creates her artistic company, Cie Kadidi and premiered her first choreographic piece Samedi Détente in November 2014 in Nîmes. In July 2017 at Festival d’Avignon, Dorothée Munyaneza sang her second full length work Unwanted.

She is currently preparing Mailles set for October 2020 at Charleroi Danse Biennale.

Dorothée Munyaneza is artist associate at Théâtre de la Ville in Paris.