DE|COMPOSITION is an audiovisual dance collaboration between Linzi Lewis, Dane Armstrong and Ralph Smit. With music by Mr Freddy:

Life is a fragile and uncertain celebration. The new is only made possible by the old; death is an integral and necessary part of life. On our journey we weave through versions of ourselves every day, creating patterns, rhythms, stories, identities, relationships, destinies, shadows and shapes.

DE|COMPOSITION explores the space between death and rebirth. We grow, we dissolve, become undone, and begin again.

  • Ticket Price: R25.00
  • Genre: Dance
  • Duration (minutes): 9mins 9secs
  • Ages: none
  • Release Date: July 08, 2021 00:01 - August 31, 2021 23:59



Choreography: Linzi Lewis
Dance: Linzi Lewis
Artwork: Linzi Lewis
Photography: Linzi Lewis and Dane Armstrong
Directed by: Linzi Lewis and Dane Armstrong
Videography: Dane Armstrong
Music edits and field recordings: Ralph Smit
Music: Mr Freddy
Supported by: Response-Ability.JHB; Goethe Institut; Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development


Linzi Lewis

Linzi was born and bred in Johannesburg. She has been deeply influenced by this vibrant, dynamic city, and have dedicated many years walking, cycling and traversing its streets, learning its rhythm and movements.

Since a very young age, Linzi has dedicated her life to healing the relationship with the Earth, and with each other, honouring and reminding us of our intricate connection and interdependence, and to celebrate life, while and acknowledging the deep and continuous scars of colonialism and commodification of all things sacred.

Linzi is an applied and political ecologist, geographer and environmental scientist, and an interdisciplinary, public and socially engaged artist. Linzi was born into a dancing family, and lives and breathes through movement, as well as a visual artist, and musician. Linzi also explores the use of arts methodologies as a dialogical and pedagogical tool, and to inspire social change.

Linzi is co-founder of AMBush Eco-Art Collective, for which she was voted as Mail & Guardian’s Top 200 Young South Africans in 2013, and a BrandSA ambassador. Linzi is a co-organiser of Response-Ability. Currently she is a research and advocacy officer at the African Centre for Biodiversity, an activist organisation advocating for food sovereignty, and ecological and social justice in the food system.

Linzi holds two international MSc degrees, through a scholarship programme called Sustainable Tropical Forestry, and a BSc and BSc (Hons) from Wits university in Geography, Environmental Science, and Earth, Environment and Conservation.

Dane Armstrong

Dane is a jack of several trades – an artist, environmentalist, activist, entrepreneur, gardener and procrastinator. His creative projects generally take the form of “space” – whether as an urban garden landscape, or a found-object interactive installation.

He co-founded Yebo! Art Gallery in 2010, as well as ArtReach (a community arts NGO) and is involved in a range of work that directly addresses climate justice and food access in Eswatini. His exhibited artwork tends to come in bursts (with long periods of silence in between), mostly focusing on themes around play, politics, identity, and the environment. He lives under a rock and next to a river in Pine Valley, Mbabane.

Ralph Smit

Born in the year 1990 in Barberton, South Africa, Ralph Smit is a multi-instrumentalist and artist that grew up in eSwatini. His music and compositions touch on the traditional music of Sub Saharan Africa, improvisation, jazz, electronic and sound art. He has worked as a cultural curator, musicologist, producer and record label founder in eSwatini. He has performed extensively in eSwatini, South Africa, Mozambique, Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany. He has also been in artist residencies in Nepal.

Currently active with his project Mr Freddy that is a duo exploring improvisation, traditional music and electronica. Their third album will be released by On The Corner an award winning record label in London. Ralph is a touring member of South African rapper Yugen Blackrok (Black Panther OST) where he has performed at the likes of Radio Primavera (Barcelona), Radio Nova (France) and Musee du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac (Paris, France).

Ralph has contributed music towards short films and theatre adaptations in programs such as The Centre Of The Less Good Idea in Johannesburg, Akki Galleria in Finland and numerous installations eSwatini. Petrichor a short film by Zimbabwean film maker which Ralph contributed the sound design and score won ‘Best Sound Design’ at the European Film Festival in Harare, Zimbabwe and Top 5 in the Lift-Off Global Network’s First Time Film Makers Sessions.

Up until recently Ralph was the apprentice of traditional music innovator and inventor Smiles Makama as well as acting as his manager, producer and composer. Ralph is currently a member of the cultural committee of Alliance Francaise de Mbabane where he helps co-ordinate cultural event and provide skills development to up and coming artists.

His extensive field recordings will be featured in local star Bholoja’s second studio album and he is currently working on archiving and creating a database of musicians that have been active in eSwatini and swati people in the diaspora since independence.

Mr Freddy

Mr. Freddy is an Eswatini-based duo of versatile drummer Mwesigwa Kisaakye and multi-instrumentalist Ralph Louis Smit. They inhabit a sonic realm that draws on fourth world ideas, improvisation, world music, electronic pallets and psychedelic hues.

They fuse world music, break beats, free jazz and minimalism
into something entirely their own, their performances are transporting, intimate and intense yet groovy and driving.

Since 2015, they have played in regular as well as unconventional spaces of the Kingdom, from caves and mountains to local festivals, livingrooms and venues. They have performed extensively in South Africa and Mozambique, often collaborating with talented artists.

Their first release Lay of The Land, produced by Gils Peterson Future Bubblers Award winner and Black Acre artist Sydney, has been premiered on Worldwide FM London and since then featured globally on numerous radio shows and reknown compilations such as Rhythm Passport and Music Map.