Deep Spacer, 433 Eros album launch

Deep Spacer / Jonathan Crossley

433 Eros is the latest album by Johannesburg based experimental trio Deep Spacer – featuring Jonathan Crossley on guitars, electronics, closed Ableton ecology and video manipulation, Cesare Cassarino on bass and electronics and Etienne Oosthuysen on drums and tempo manipulations. 433 Eros represents the culmination of more than two years of testing, rehearsals, and unhinged excessive bouts of technological tweaking. The Spacers are zealous about non-composition – the band room is viscous, chasing the goal of free-improvisation within the realm of tempo based contemporary music. Rehearsals are relentless systems interrogations, with the technological framework yielding contemporary musical invention. So much music these days seems to move neither forwards nor backwards. It is ‘locked down’, self-referential and genre myopic. Deep Spacer asks can music still move you, propel you, give you a sense of time and mood different from the now? Deep Spacer wants to take you there. Wading together through warbling masses of effects smothered in sonic mystery, sounds folding over and into themselves, dragging you down beneath or making you float above … suspending you in a different time, a different space.


Presented as part of Creativate Digital Arts Festival.

  • Genre: Music
  • Format: Film
  • Duration: 60min
  • Language: English
  • Ages: All Ages
  • Available From: June 25, 2020
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Jonathan Crossley: guitars, electronics, closed Ableton ecology and video manipulation
Cesare Cassarino: bass and electronics
Etienne Oosthuysen: drums and tempo manipulations.

All compositions by Deep Spacer


Jonathan Crossley: Northern Irish by birth, South African by life, Jonathan is a musician, performer, educator and composer with a specialised interest in contemporary musical cultures and technologies, ‘a musical polymath’. His musical practice ranges from classical guitar to improvisation and jazz through to electronic music and experimentation. He has released a wide variety of albums, such as the chamber jazz album My Friends and I (2004), the rock/funk albums Funk for the Shaolin Monk (2007) and Got Funk Will Travel (2009), the experimental noise albums What if the Machines Spoke Back to You? and The Cyber-Guitar Recital (2018) and the most recent systems derived works Blipz (2018) and Deep Spacer (2019). He has relentlessly pursued innovation in not only the use of the guitar and technological systems but in the application of these technologies in improvisation and composition. His PhD research led to the development of an extended guitar system or hyper-instrument, the Cyber-Guitar, which extended the scope of the electric guitar beyond the use of the hands, encompassing the joints of the upper body through the use of a mechanical exoskeleton. He is a founding member of Deep Spacer along with Cesare Cassarino.

Cesare Cassarino: Cesare began his career in the late 1980s as a member of Joos Tonteldoos en die Dwaarstrekkers, which later morphed into the industrial band, Battery 9. He has been a professional, freelance bass player since the early 1990s when he began his music studies at the Pretoria Technikon. He has performed and recorded with countless artists and bands over the last three decades, most notably: Gang of Instrumentals, Jack Hammer, Loyiso, Tsunami, New Academics, RJ Benjamin and Riku Latti. He played himself in the rock mockumentary, Blu Cheez, and appeared in the mini-series, Song Vir Katryn.

Etienne Oosthuysen: Etienne made his break by doing session work as a drummer and percussionist in the Afrikaans music industry. The artists he has worked with include Karen Zoid, Robbie Wessels, Dozi, Juanita Du Plessis, Karlien Van Jaarsveld and many more. He then ventured into the world of musical theatre as a touring drummer for productions including the Naledi Award winning Knights of Music, Grease, High School Musical, Evita, Dreamgirls and the smash hit We Will Rock You. Etienne now joins Deep Spacer exploring electronic improvisation.

Deep Spacer is also currently in collaboration with visual arts collective Dryfsand, combining visual art and improvised music.