DEUS NOS ACUDI, a film project that seeks to question and explore consumer societies and the place of the body today, revealed through its cultural universe. Also, how this has been perpetuated and applied throughout history, in maintaining dominance by power; where secularized religiosity, beliefs, deities, rituals and myths are interconnected in daily life and how they fragment and can be used as one of the strategies for social control, directly affecting bodies and society as a whole, through rules and standards. “Is the contemporary body free or controlled? Original or imitated? Is the experience of the body influenced by the cultural pattern to which it is inserted?”

Tradition, whether through orality, symbols, manuscripts, sacred objects and even body movements, evokes the ancestry of an entire society. In the contemporary world, for the globalized individual, the difference. Moments when everything is black, and we do not see with our eyes, we feel life in a deep dream of anguish and pain, but when we wake up we find ourselves in chaos and we are just a body in the world, bringing in all this experience, even if unconscious. The strong image and physicality of the body in motion, generate different moments of doubt, choice and opinions.

  • Ticket Price: R80.00
  • Genre: Film
  • Duration (minutes): 30mins
  • Release Date: July 11, 2021 21:00 - August 31, 2021 23:59



Produção / Production – Bernardo Guiamba
Realização / Director – Pak Ndjamena
Diretor de fotografia / Director of photography – Bhaka Yafole
Trilha sonora / Soundtrack – Yuru Yuyungai / Pak Ndjamena and Roots Traditional Mozambican Music

Roteiro / Script – Bkaka Yafole e Pak Ndjamena
Fotografia / Image photography – Mariano Lopes Silva
Design Grafico / Graphic Design – Mélio Tinga
Coordenação de produção / Production coordination – Lisandro Jordão
Textos / Texts – Pak Ndjamena
Vídeo Edição / Video Edition – Yafole Studio
Captação / Capture – Estúdio Alabastro
Actor/ Performer – Pak Ndjamena

Apoio: Pro Helvetia Johannesburg e da Agência Suíça para o Desenvolvimento e Cooperação /
Support: Pro Helvetia Johannesburg and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Agradecimentos: Bongani Adventures, Makaneta Centro Cultural, Unmute Dance
Acknowledgments: Bongani Adventures, Makaneta Cultural Center, Unmute Dance
Produção Comercial / Commercial Production – Conta Comigo


In his recent project the film, “Deus nos Acudi” (God help us) Pak Ndjamena, in a uniquely artistic and
performative way proposes in a particular construction, expression of film which in turn, through the
repeated black body movements proposes the bod’s past and its transformation in the spaces and time.
Thus, the character makes a scene in the movie based on their existence, space and experience far from
traditional cinema and still very close to Mozambican’s culture reality. The film offers multiple gestures,
sound, movements and extraordinary body improvisation knowledge.
Cell: (+258) 848 54 89 09