Digital Transformation for Artists and Theatre Practitioners

Arora Online

  • Format: Webinar/Workshop
  • Duration: 1hr 30min
  • Language: English
  • Ages: 16+
  • When: 03/07/2020 11:00 am
  • Recorded: Yes

COVID-19 and on-going global lockdowns have shown that nothing is of greater priority than the digital transformation (Dx) of your business – whether that is producing art, performing, or creating live performance. We will unpack how to approach your own digital transformation, by examining its four major components: business process, business model, business domain, and organisational culture. In so doing, no matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, you will learn to recognise further opportunities and how to create more value from digital.

We will also demystify ecommerce to reveal how easy it can be to begin selling your products or services online. Work through the top website builders to understand which is best suited to your needs – from Wix to Squarespace, and WordPress to Shopify. Learn the language of ecommerce so you can start building your online shop, get more out of your existing store, or understand better how to guide your website designer to produce exactly what you need.

Did you miss it? Click PLAY on the video screen below to watch a recording of the live event.

Presented as part of Creativate Digital Arts Festival.


Presenter: Steven van Wyk
Design: Paulina De Souza
Research: Kareesha Naidoo
Project management: Katerina Smith


Steven van Wyk is a creative business strategist with a focus on art and theatre based in Cape Town, South Africa. As a digital marketing strategist Steven has worked on respected brands such as Mazda, Ackermans, Lancewood Cheese, Ciroc Vodka, Heineken, Ceres Fruit Juice, Otees Cereal, Schick, Virgin Active and The Foschini Group.

Steven is the co-director of Arora Online, a digital agency that partners with small and medium sized businesses to ensure they reach new heights within the digital space. It leverages its full-stack digital expertise to optimise clients’ media mix. Arora Online is named for Aurora Australis – the southern lights. The agency aims to shine bright from the south, helping your online presence take flight.