Dream, Journey & Passion

We are born with a desire to follow our dreams. In fact, our journey really begins when we pursue out dreams, the passions that drive us.

In this film we encounter a different characters. The poet uses her words to tell a story. The dancers tell their stories through dance. A filmmaker wants more than she’s recognized for, a camera operator who will work with them to shoot a documentary and a manager who approaches a dancer for an opportunity to manage him.

  • Ticket Price: R25.00
  • Genre: Film
  • Duration (minutes): 15mins
  • Ages: All Ages
  • Release Date: July 08, 2021 00:01 - August 31, 2021 23:59
  • Language: English



Hlumelo January
Israel Simba
Phoebe Joy Groenmeyer
Ashleigh Benjamin
Skiti Ntumakalelo
Luchay Weideman
Tamia Etto
Mishka Cadles
Jason Dominic Jacobs

Production Gallery

Dream, Journey & Passion



Siviwe Honobroke Mashiyis journey

As a self-made, self-taught that is how I acquired my knowledge and expertise as an artist/individual, from writing, directing, producing, shooting, editing, composing, model scouting, location scouting, drawing, designing, music, motivating and film. First, it was writing, in a form of screenplays, then a book, then shooting short films, then producing music, then talent scouting for music, then modelling scouting and then motivating.

As a self-made, self-taught individual, it has been difficult, with all the knowledge, I have acquired, I have tried to apply for funding to further improve my skills, start-up capital for my company New Dawn Visions Productions, create content for the Production, to employ the youth, I have done training at NYDA, unfortunately for a start-up capital they did not help with funding, I also tried to obtain funding at DTI and IDC to shoot my first Motion picture, also there the was not much success, I am really trying and I also went to BASA( Business and Art of South Africa) workshops. Now I am 35, turning 36, in November, so the youth funding institutions, can not be able to help anymore.

In 2013, was the year, I published my first book, journey to your soul mate, then my first short film, which I wrote in 2007, during my time at an art institution, trying to improve my high school mark’s, then I shoot the film, they did a piece on it( forgiveness-the movie), then my second film(did she, didn’t she?), was nominated at a German film festival, in 2015, then in 2016 I produced four musical albums find my sound and experimenting, in 2017 three of my recent films( heartbreaking, two-piece and heart pieces)were shown at the national art festival, then in 2018 onwards, I tried to scout for models to try to make them brand ambassadors, I did photoshoots with them, then published an online magazine, showcasing aspiring models, telling their own stories, from all walks of life, all shape and sizes, also in the same year I published my second book, titled motivation and inspirational

In 2019, I published my third book, titled Quotes, registered my company, New Dawn Visions Productions and then in 2020 I published my own magazine featuring models in the company, also telling their own stories, published my fourth book, titled Journeys to soulmates, wrote for an international magazine, also a motivational column with that magazine, the models were featured in international magazines, wrote motivation messages, designed footwear, musical singles and recently designed two dresses for my upcoming short film, titled Dream, Journey & Passion.

The project is a build-up to a Motion picture with the same concept of following your dreams. The cast are New upcoming aspiring actors, the dancers choreograph the dance routine, I proved the beats. The film was short in few hours of a day.