Padiachi Productions

  • Ticket Price: R35.00
  • Duration: 27mins 55sec
  • Age Recommendation: 14+
  • Genre: Film
  • Language: English, French, XiTsonga with English sub-titles

“To not know is bad. To wish to not know is worse” – African proverb. A gripping, dramatic piece, following Nebula on her journey through the Fog – a physical manifestation of all her fears based on the prejudices of the world. On her journey, she interacts with many people within the Fog, and it is up to her to understand its chaos. Some will deter her from truly overcoming these fears, whilst some will help her understand the Fog better. The Fog is a reminder to Nebula and to all of us that not everything in life is black and white, something that a lot of us forget. The Fog teaches Nebula that ignorance acts as a prison for our minds, and the only true way to escape and free ourselves is to listen to others.

Join Nebula on this metaphoric experience to determine the right from wrong. An experience that, hopefully, will help her find clarity even in the most obscure circumstances. Will she be able to escape the Fog when all she knows is the unknown? Or will her fears and preconceived notions of this Fog trap her forever?

A production written and directed by Courtney Lacy and Kesia Segar, with a cast of young, aspiring actors.

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Concept/directors/script-writers: Kesia Segar, Courtney Lacy
Videography: Kesia Segar, Courtney Lacy, Bronwyn Davis
Artists: Shanti Maluleke, Tiana Padiachi, Nicole Visser, Jadon Mania, Cade Allan, Scott Paton-Levin, Chael Van Heerden, Khabo Nartey