Lourens Productions

  • Ticket Price: R30.00
  • Duration: 1hr 14mins
  • Age Recommendation: 12+
  • Genre: Theatre
  • Language: Afrikaans

What if we are caught up in an era or a place of which we know nothing about or our only friend was a perceived enemy or we found ourselves old and alone or we suddenly realised that we do not have much time left to live? The humorous story plays off in a block of flats in Esselen Street, (Robert Sobukwe Street) Sunnyside, Pretoria (Tswane), sandwiched between broken-down buildings and high priced office blocks. This is a personal view into the lives of two women and their unlikely friendship forced on them by their need for company – Stella a Nigerian and Sarie an older Afrikaans woman. Stella has to make a plan to stay alive in a strange country when her husband leaves her and she finds out that she was HIV positive. Sarie’s husband has passed away and her children have all moved overseas. She finds herself in a place and situation which is very strange for an Afrikaans woman. The two meet by accident through Sarie’s nosiness and they become friends. They stand together through thick and thin, even though they rub each other up the wrong way at times. This is a translation of the popular ‘London Road’ written by Nicholas Spagnoletti.

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Original Playwright – London Road: Nicholas Spagnoletti

Translator: Robert Lourens

Director/Producer: Robert Lourens Sarie, Anna Pauw Stella, Jocelyn Scholtz

Video: Marco Fabbri of Blue Chilli Productions