(extra)ordinary, (un)usual

This monologue showcase, written by Australian playwright Pete Malicki, is an exciting hybrid of the theatre & film experience conceived of and directed by Faeron Wheeler. In 2021, it received a Silver Standard Bank Ovation Award at the South African National Arts Festival, as well as enjoying a successful run as part of the Edinburgh Fringe online offering.
This production is a hybrid theatre-film event that combines the best of both worlds. Director Faeron Wheeler has used the intimate nature of getting up close and personal with film, all the while keeping to her theatre roots for performance style. There’s no realism in the setting, but the actors have used their voices and bodies to bring very real characters to life.
(extra)ordinary, (un)usual has been created in association with The Monologue Project and award-winning writer Pete Malicki. Hailing from Australia, Malicki has seen versions of (extra)ordinary, (un)usual performed all over the world. This is the first time it has been done as a filmed production.

  • Ticket Price: R80.00
  • Genre: Film
  • Duration (minutes): 90
  • Ages: 13+
  • Release Date: June 23, 2022 00:00 - July 31, 2022 23:59
  • Language: English

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Director: Faeron Wheeler
Writer: Pete Malicki
Actors (in order of appearance):
Amy Young
Kim R2
Gizelle Willows
Gavin Werner
Lizanne Peters
Matthew Newman


Faeron Wheeler – Producer & Director
Faeron has been involved in theatre and the stage since she was only three years old. She studied drama and dancing throughout her school years. She then went on to do a BA with a double major in Screenwriting and English before earning her Honours in Film Production from the University of Cape Town.
In 2017, she began producing theatre through her new company, F Creations, and has toured shows around South Africa. Branching out from just theatre, Faeron entered an F Creations team into the Cape Town 48 Film Project in 2019, and their film received a nomination for Best Editing. 2019 also saw Faeron take on the role of theatre critic, writing for Broadway World South Africa and Fine Music Radio.
Recent acting credits include The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), The Comedy of Errors and a role in season two of the TV series American Monster. Faeron also works as a voice over artist, regularly lending her voice to educational and training material. In 2019, Faeron teamed up with Erika Marais to write and perform in Your Perfect Life. The show premiered at the National Arts Festival Fringe, where it received its first Standard Bank Ovation Award, before touring around Cape Town.
During the pandemic, Faeron continued to create – turning to directing, filming and editing with (extra)ordinary, (un)usual. This production is a monologue showcase, using the writings of Australian playwright Pete Malicki. Created as a hybrid of theatre and film, this piece debuted online in October 2020. The piece was also part of the vFringe on-demand streaming platform for the National Arts Festival in 2021, where it received a coveted Silver Standard Bank Ovation Award. F Creations also received a second Standard Bank Ovation Award for their digital offering of Your Perfect Life during the 2021 festival.
Earlier in 2021, F Creations also took part in the World Monologue Film Festival. Faeron teamed up with cinematographer Stephan Hambsch to create a one-minute film called Creep. This film was chosen as a finalist in the festival.

Pete Malicki – Writer
Pete is the founder of The Monologue Project and a multi-award-winning playwright with over 300 productions of his plays done around the world. He is the Festival Director of Short+Sweet Sydney, the world’s largest short play festival, and the coordinator of a script development program called Crash Test Drama. He currently works as a literary manager, script editor, non-fiction editor, director and creative writing teacher.
Pete’s monologues are hugely successful, having been staged all around the world in over 200 productions and having won more than a dozen international awards. They have been performed on the West End and in the Edinburgh Fringe, as well as in speech and debate tournaments throughout the USA.