Feeling Pretty

Feeling Pretty is a story of women reclaiming their power. It is a musical commentary on the daily frustrations and the unnecessary yet inhibiting powerlessness felt by women throughout time. Written and directed by Ariella Barnett, choreographed by Ariella Barnett, Liné Koen and Amy Reed, and with musical direction by Liné Koen, this original production is unique in its style and in its collaborative nature.

Set in the recording studio of the fictitious Good Time Radio, the vibrant radio trio, Raquel, Belle and Michelle endure the chauvinism within our society with grace and gusto, and allow the audience to be immersed in their thought-provoking and vulnerable journey. Through the musicalization of jazz, pop and barbershop classics, the actors show their finesse when it comes to both collaboration and performance. Feeling Pretty uses music, dance and comedy to address a deeper message. This exciting and impactful production is sure to captivate your minds and have you dancing in your seats!

After an amazingly well received, sold-out run in 2021 at The Kalk Bay Theatre, Buttermoon Productions revamped and revitalised Feeling Pretty, and performed this popular production again in April 2022 to even more sold-out crowds at the SixtyNine Theatre, as seen in this virtual recording.

  • Ticket Price: R140.00
  • Genre: Film
  • Duration (minutes): 60
  • Ages: 10
  • Release Date: June 23, 2022 00:00 - July 31, 2022 23:59
  • Language: English

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Ariella Barnett as Raquel
Amy Reed as Belle
Liné Koen as Michelle

Written and Directed by: Ariella Barnett

Creative Director: Ariella Barnett

Editor: Amy Reed

Musical Director: Liné Koen

Musical Concept: Ariella Barnett

Arrangement of Music: Liné Koen

Lyric Adaptations: Ariella Barnett

Choreography: Ariella Barnett, Liné Koen and Amy Reed

Production Assistant: Michael Stray

Produced by: Buttermoon Productions

Sound Design: Liné Koen, Ariella Barnett and Chen Gong

Sound Engineer: Chen Gong

Sound, Lighting Design and Technician: Mikael Esau

Lighting Design: Ariella Barnett and Christopher Dudgeon

Filming: Devon Marshbank

Set Design: Ariella Barnett

Set Design and Construction: Stephen ‘Milo’ Milosevich

Costume Design: Ariella Barnett

Props Design: Ariella Barnett

Props Design and Creation: Jacquie Reed and Stephen ‘Milo’ Milosevich

Hair Design: Ariella Barnett

Hairstylist: Jill Swain

Marketing and Publicity: Ariella Barnett

Photography: Martin Bester

Graphic Design: Ariella Barnett

Graphic Design and Creation: Martin Bester

Programme: Ariella Barnett

John Smith voiced by: Richard White