(femme) NOIR

femme fa·tale
fem fəˈtal,ˌfem fəˈtäl/
an attractive and seductive woman, especially one who will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her.

But what does she do when she is alone? When there is no one to impress, no one to manipulate, no one to love. When she is confronted with her own devious, sensual and vulnerable psyche. She takes a bath.

WARNING: Flashing Lights

  • Ticket Price: R50.00
  • Genre: Film
  • Duration (minutes): 15
  • Ages: 16
  • Release Date: June 23, 2022 00:00 - July 31, 2022 23:59
  • Language: English

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Concept: Miri-Joan de Wet
Director: Miri-Joan de Wet.
Cinematographer: Teega Michl.
Lighting: Neil Bedeker.
Performer: Miri-Joan de Wet.
Editing: Neil Bedeker.
Make-up: Megan Macqueen
Supporting Performers: Gustavo Mendes & Andreas Halkas.


Miri-Joan de Wet
Miri-Joan de Wet is a young, eager performance artist currently based in Cape Town. She works mostly in the multidisciplinary realm of performance art with a special interest in live art performance and site specific performance.
Miri-Joan studied at Rhodes University in Makhanda where she majored in Drama and Journalism and Media Studies. She completed her academic journey at Rhodes University with an Honours in Drama with a special interest in Choreography, Physical Performance and Acting.
The politics of the personal and the body inspire and intrigue Miri-Joan as she often explores the skin, nakedness and that which spills over/out of. She is interested in how this body is perceived and experienced in various spaces, be it in the traditional theatre or in a bath. She is fascinated by the potential of everyday spaces and how they can be penetrated, altered or enhanced by performance.

Teega Michl
Teega Michl is a young and upcoming filmmaker from Cape Town, South Africa. Teega graduated from CityVarsity School of Media & Creative Arts at the end of 2020. He has been working in the film industry ever since.
Filmmaking is his everything, his drive, his bread and breakfast so-to-speak. Teega is an extremely hard worker who carries his professionalism wherever he goes. Covid-19 obstructed everyone’s working life, especially for young individuals trying to break out into the already challenging industry, but that didn’t stop Teega from persuing what he truly wanted.
Teega has recently invested in a RED Digital Cinema camera with the intention of creating beautifully crafted images that are of industry standard.

Neil Bedeker
Since childhood, drama and music have been a significant part of his life, and during his time at school he also gained an interest in writing and photography. All of this eventually led him to choosing a career in filmmaking. In 2019, he graduated with a major in Cinematography from AFDA and then received his Honours degree in writing from UCT the following year. Since then, he’s been working in the film industry on a freelance basis and even acted as the director of photography and colourist for a handful of commercials and music videos.