From Makhanda to Kofifi

Major Duo

  • Ticket Price: R25.00
  • Duration: 20mins
  • Age Recommendation: All Ages
  • Genre: Music
  • Language: English

From Makhanda to Kofifi a musical journey of a local duo as they bring back to life the music of the 1950’s South Africa through the love of music. The carefully selected classical African sounds will take you back down memory lane to the days of Tsaba-Tsaba and Kwela of Sophia Town, while serenading you with the Mastery of their violins. Asive Ngcebetsha and Yolisa Ngcola are music students at DSG under the tutelage of Ms Rennie who is an experienced violinist/violist. Enjoy!

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Asive Ngcebetsha and Yolisa Ngcola – Concept and Artists
Abner Accom – Editor
Tracy Bruton – Videographer


Asive and Yolisa are two violinists who are based in Grahamstown. Yolisa Ngcola is an eighteen year old studying at the Diocesan School for Girls, she was born in Cape Town and started playing the violin in 2012 at the age of 10. Asive Ngcebetsha is a seventeen year old also studying at the Diocesan school for Girls, she is from Butterworth and she started playing the violin in 2013, also at the age of ten. The two girls started performing together as the ‘Major Duo’ in 2018, and they have performed at various events. Asive enjoys playing music from the Baroque Era, whereas Yolisa enjoys playing music from the Romantic Era. They both love chamber music, but Kwela music has become a genre they’ve come to enjoy playing because it takes them back to their roots and they really connect with the music.