Future Nostalgia Soundsystem

Atiyyah Khan and Grant Jurius

Future Nostalgia’s dream scene is a world where music listening happens, art is celebrated and knowledge is shared. Using vinyl/records, they shape-shift DJ mixes into podcasts, that explore our heritage. Through this process, new ways of listening are explored. They also work in the realm of creating and exhibiting artworks and forms of writing and arts journalism. Through sound they explore untold stories. You are invited to join their community gathering virtually on selections and topics including Black Music in South Africa and Decolonisation, Islam and North African music, Futurism, Beats and Global Sound systems. Through regular events over the past seven years in Cape Town, they have aimed to create safe spaces not only for black artists but for black audiences as well. They operate on the tagline ‘For Selectors, Collectors, Deejays and Diggers’ celebrating the universal love for music and creating spaces to gather in the spirit of community. Their illustrations, paintings and designs echo album covers and posters throughout history, especially those in response to social issues and the work pays homage to musical figures, activists and artists through the ages. All artwork and illustrations for the collective is done by artist Grant Jurius.

Mixes below by Future Nostalgia and Guests.

  • Genre: Music
  • Format: Listening Sessions
  • Duration: 8 Sessions of 1h 30mins
  • Language: English
  • Ages: All ages
  • Available From: July 4, 2020


Curation / DJ/ Organiser / Journalist: Atiyyah Khan
Curation/ DJ/ Organiser/ Artist: Grant Jurius


Future Nostalgia is a research-based music and art collective that has hosted regular listening sessions in Cape Town, South Africa since 2013. The idea behind the collective is sharing music through exploring records. Operating under the tagline, ‘For Selectors, Collectors, Deejays and Diggers’, the collective celebrates the universal love for music and creates spaces to gather in the spirit of community.

Future Nostalgia is currently run by co-founder Atiyyah Khan (El Corazon) who works as an arts journalist documenting all forms of arts and culture in South Africa. Completing the collective is visual artist Grant Jurius (Futurist) who works in various mediums from mural work to fine art. Both members DJ, host live events and co-run the collective. They also host guest collaborators regularly. As an extension of Future Nostalgia, Atiyyah also works with Zimbabwean dancer and choreographer Nora Chipaumire using records for the concept of sound-clash.

Future Nostalgia places emphasis on listening and contributing an alternative platform to music culture, which educates through sound. We approach work from a DIY-perspective which necessitates building from the ground-up by working on low-cost productions, creating our own flyers, exhibiting original artwork, live painting and visual projections. Thus far our events have also extended to include documentary screenings, spoken word poetry and hosting live music performances. We have also gone into zine-making and self-publishing accompanied by sonic mixes.