‘Guilty’ is a South African dramatic thriller written by Shaun Wilberforce and Lesley Maasdorp for NAF 2021. It revolves around the death of Christian Green, and his three close friends who are framed for his murder. The show brings new flavour and talent into the South African scene as it deals with family injustice, fraud, trust, friendship and sexual assault.

The production stars Lesley Maasdorp in the lead role, alongside an ensemble cast consisting of Marunzo Thomas, Vuyolwethu Mabuya, Wamkele Cele, Shaun Wilberforce and Mihlali Nomana.

  • Ticket Price: R75.00
  • Genre: Theatre
  • Duration (minutes): 45mins
  • Ages: 16
  • Release Date: July 08, 2021 00:01 - August 31, 2021 23:59
  • Language: English, Afrikaans, IsiXhosa and IsiZulu



Written by: Shaun Wilberforce and Lesley Maasdorp

Directed by: Mihlali Nomana

Shaun Wilberforce as Jacob Sam
Lesley Maasdorp as detective Black
Vuyolwethu Mabuya as Lulu Collins
Wamkele Cele as Jane Sam
Muranzo Thomas as Christian
Mihlali Nomana as Roselina


Shaun Wilberforce is a 22-year-old actor, script writer, dancer and singer. I have been a part of a few theatre productions including Broken Blood, District 6, The Proposal, The Passion of Christ, Nothing but the Truth, My Children My Africa, Dead Questions, Dark Nights , Santa Gamka and Toxic Love and Karma.

I have been part of a few musical productions as well like: Fees must Fall, 21 Chump Street, Once on this Island and CATS. I took part in Cape Town Carnival and have been cast for a few Television shows/films like The Devil Speak, True Blood Ties, Peace and Signal High which I am currently on.

I hope this production gets us noticed and get support for young talent, as we all know how hard it is for actor in our region to succeed.

Marunzo Thomas who currently resides in Kraaifontein, was born in De Doorns, but continued schooling from grade 6 to Matric (gr 12) In Cape Town. He started partacking in school musicals in 2013, which led to a leading role in his High School musical as Farrakhan.
This high school break allowed Marunzo to pursue a career in Drama and Theatre for both Television and Theatre Productions.
His love for the performing arts derives from his upbringing and this fuels him to excel beyond production and audiences’ expectations.
He has performed as dance captain in Northlink College annual musical, “Once on this island”. At Bernadino Heights (in his high school musical) he also performed in the well known production, Romeo and Juliet, where he claimed the best actor award, and he was nominated for best supporting actor in a director’s piece [by Northlink College).

Lesley Maasdorp is 21 years of age. I’m a performing artist and have been part of several theatre productions such as StofPad, Boesman en Lena, Kristal Vlakte and many more. I am involved in cooperate and governmental work such as TIE, “The new normal”, for Bridgetown Theatre Company. I am a lead performer for Cape Town Carnival. I’m also a voice artist and has done voice over work for a few Turkish shows and Etv. Dance Captain in the Musical production Once on this Island. I’m very involved in creative television work and have directed a short film and short series.

My name is Vuyolwethu Mabuya and I’m 20 years of age. I’m an actress and dancer. I’ve been part of a few theatre productions including a Xhosa play “Broken Blood”, “Love and Karma”, and an Afrikaans play “Sante Gamte”. I’ve been on a musical called “Once On This Island Musical”. I was part of a short film “Never Back Down”. I once participated in Cape Town Carnival. I dance to a few genres including African fusion and musical theater dance.

Wamkelwe Cele is a 21-year-old woman whose interest in the performing arts was sparked by a performance in Repental in primary school. who currently studies in Cape Town, but was originally born in Mtubatuba KwaZulu-Natal. She matriculated in 2018, and has since been part of many productions, mostly hosted by her institution. She has won an award for best supporting actress in the production Toxic Love and Karma, written and directed by Shaun Wilberforce. She got a role as ensemble in the musical production, Cats, in 2021. She played a lead in the production ‘Isolation’, written and directed by Northlink College in 2020. She is extremely talented and can perform any role that she puts her mind to and her work speaks for itself.

Mihlali Nomana is a young, passionate and aspiring performer who discovered her talent in performing arts in the year 2014, and she has shown zero signs of stopping. She believes in the following words; passion before anything else. She is a hard worker and a go-getter who strives to work extremely hard until she reaches her ultimate horizon.

Mihlali has always set her personal bar high whilst maintaining a high degree of professionalism. She is the direct opposite of being frivolous as she takes every task seriously and will not rest until she is satisfied. Her endeavor is to grace the stage with her breathtaking embrace and performing skills every time she is provided with an opportunity to do so.