HA!Man & Anton – in Fearless Flow | VOD

The mesmerizing flow of internationally renowned multi-musician HA!Man (Francois le Roux) meets poetic improvisations on voice by Anton Krueger…When Anton meets HA!Man, words and tunes stream from the archive of their multifarious minds, inviting audiences to share in the excitement of spontaneous creation…Ordinary or arcane, improvisation doesn’t consist of different parts with functions. It’s a flow. A machine can be taken apart. Flow is alive – two acting as one… Flow is now… The blood of the beating heart. Stop it, and you die.

  • Ticket Price: R40.00
  • Genre: Music
  • Duration (minutes): 60mins
  • Release Date: July 19, 2021 00:01 - July 21, 2021 23:59



Francois le Roux – cello, keyboard, voice and other instruments

Anton Krueger – voice, (and possibly a small, odd instrument or two)



Francois le Roux

HA!Man (Francois le Roux) has been in the vanguard of South African music improvisation for three decades. Fiercely independent, he has grown an international following and spills over into dance, words and visual art.

Anton Krueger

Playwright, poet and prosaist, Anton has written 14 books in an eclectic range of genres. He teaches in the Drama Department of Rhodes University.


In Anton’s creative work he’s mostly a writer (https://amateurist.weebly.com/writings.html), but he’s also been experimenting with improvisation in different forms. He’s a fan of Dada, and has made pilgrimages to Cabaret Voltaire and Tristan Tzara’s grave. He likes the Beyond Reason of the Tibetan Crazy Wisdoms and Zen Koans, and enjoys playing with presence, consciousness and communal experiences. He’s a scholar and researcher, loves ideas and learning – the unravelling and re-ravelling of texts. He’s an Associate Professor in the Department of Drama at Rhodes University, where he teaches Performance Studies and Creative Writing. Anton cherishes the naïve; tending towards tragic optimism rather than toxic positivity.


Francois le Roux is a classically trained cellist and pianist, but his musical journey started at age three, started to improvise at the piano, stimulated by his father’s way of playing by ear. Since age ten he served as a church organist and composed his first orchestral work at thirteen. His creativity also expanded to other mediums. A a poem he wrote at 16 was used as a central sample of youthful creativity in a doctoral thesis at the University of Johannesburg. After studies in philosophy and theology, he left the formal music environment to become the “HA!Man,” fully devoting his time and career to the development of spontaneous expression (HA!) as an art form, based on a particular life philosophy, in order to restore and retain a certain vitality in music. Over the last 30 years, this path took him all over South Africa and then also internationally as he played and workshopped his self-managed way from person to person, audience to audience and place to place.

To categorize his musical style is hardly possible, but it certainly incorporates strong elements of classical styles, African music and modern world-music genres. HA! performances are never in a set order and the HA!Man thrives on making art in the moment, sometimes taking impulses given by the audience or simply the feelings born from silences. At the same time he is noted for the strong structural dimension to his improvisations which sets it aside from typical “jamming” or formless wandering often associated with “free” expression. His cello forms the centre of a stage setup that is supported by original and varied electronic accompaniments, keyboard playing, dances. conversation and more. Each performance becomes a spontaneous creation in itself as all these elements weave into a whole that moves and often bring audiences from all walks of life to their feet.

He maintains a keen interest in world and human affairs, having been shaped by the momentous changes in South Africa through the 80’s and 90’s Much of his work grapples with the relation – and the formation of relation – between right and left brain dimensions, chaos and order, Africa and Europe, nature and civilization and instinct and rationality. “HA!” actually invokes the “third dimension” of feeling which is born from the dynamic meeting point between these various opposites. In his workshops, this is facilitated so that participants discover the origins of creativity within themselves and within the flowing moment. His web site gives an account of the many types of venues he has performed in, distinguished appointments, commissions and residencies and various collaborations in different parts of the world. Consistently independent, he maintains a unique space of artistic vitality in a world often dominated by expedience and the pressure to commercialize.

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