Heroes and History

Willem Samuel, Mogorosi Motshumi & Jean Bollweg

  • Format: Webinar/Workshop
  • Duration: 2hrs
  • Language: English
  • Ages: 12+
  • When: 03/07/2020 3:30 pm
  • Recorded: Yes

Comics creators Willem Samuel, Mogorosi Motshumi & Jean Bollweg discuss the importance of comics and graphic novels in capturing the stories of historical figures. Each of the creators has, in their own careers, explored these possibilities in different forms, through autobiography, poetry and the graphic novel. In a time when history is undergoing a process of critical revision, tools such as comics may become key in expanding the narrative.

Heroes and History forms part of the Afropolitan Comics exhibition

Did you miss it? Click PLAY on the video screen below to watch a recording of the live event.


Moderator: Tara Weber
Comics Artist & Author: Willem Samuel
Comics Artist & Author: Mogorosi Motshumi
Comics Artist & Author: Jean Bollweg


Willem Samuel is a comics artist best known for Mengelmoes, his autobiographical graphic novel series. Samuel studied Fine Arts at Stellenbosch University, and like many other comics artists in South Africa, he worked at Supa Strikas as an Art Director and illustrator. He did all the illustrations for the re-issue of popular 1980s comics Die Swart Kat in 2012. He now works freelance as a storyboard artist and illustrator. Aside from comics, he also dabbles in painting and music and songwriting.

Mogorosi Motshumi (b.1957, South Africa) is an artist, author and cartoonist whose autobiographical graphic novel trilogy, The 360 Degree Trilogy is the first of its kind by a Black South African author. So far only the first book, The Initiation, has been released. Motshumi drew cartoons for Freestate newspapers as well as working for 14 years at the adult literacy magazine Learn and Teach. His first book, The Demon and the Angel, about late boxer Jake Tuli, was published in 1999.

Jean Bollweg is a masters student at the University of Johannesburg. At the end of 2019 he released his Masters Research project, a graphic novel on Westbury’s anti-apartheid and community activist, Florrie Daniels. It is a multidisciplinary project which was done in collaboration with the Center for Education Through Transformation (CETT). In his Honours year, he was an assistant lecturer. After completing his Honours he worked full time as a sculptor in the Workhorse Bronze Foundry before returning to studies.