In Concert with Shashika Mooruth

Shashika Mooruth

  • Ticket Price: R50.00
  • Duration: 45mins
  • Age Recommendation: All Ages
  • Genre: Music
  • Language: Hindi

Shashika Mooruth is a South African independent artist who has taken her music to an international level single-handedly. Recipient of the International Achievement Award from the South African President Honourable Cyril Ramaphosa at SAMA18 organised by the Recording Industry of South Africa, Shashika sings in Indian languages mostly. She has not restricted herself to any genre, treating her music as a path back to God in any genre she sings. In this recording she showcases her live performances plus videos from her albums that have gathered a huge following around the world.

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Urja Music (Pty) LTD


Urja Music was launched as an independent music label in 2003 by SHASHIKA MOORUTH.

With the desire to produce original music but with very little funds, she started to produce simple albums and with hard work and sincerity her music reached worldwide. With listeners from more than thirty countries tuning in via streaming on popular apps, Shashika has achieved a great feat single-handedly. ​Having stage performance experience since her childhood she also decided to undertake creative stage productions in music concerts with interesting entertaining themes but keeping the art form intact.

​Shashika believes that music is an offering to Almighty and when treated with respect and love, there is no limit to the possibilities open in this field. As a performing artiste herself, her stage concerts are not just entertaining but her voice fills the atmosphere with an air of calmness and serenity. As a healer, she motivates and uses her voice reaching out to many. Chakra balancing through her voice is her forte! Her voice culture classes are not just tuned towards teaching to sing, but her unique teaching method trains one to understand one’s voice and sing connecting from one’s soul.