Music / Thomas Pringle

Intlombe is yet another production by Andy Ndlazilwana, bringing together a group of ladies with different brands, focusing on the spiritual and traditional side of jazz. The performance includes indigenous instruments like drums, uHadi, and guitars. With a back line band consisting of a keyboard, upright bass and drums, each vocalist is well equipped to showcase some of their music.


Directors: Asanda Mqiki & Andy Ndlazilwana
Andy Ndlazilwana
Zizipho Rala
Zamani Mbotho
Sinelizwi Hole

Keyboard: Qaqambile Qingana
Bass: Vuyani Mati
Drums: Godwin Dhliwayo
Indigenous instruments: Amahle Nuru

Videographer: SixBlx
Stylist: Zingisa Mhlekwa


Zizipho Rala
My name is Zizipho Rala, but I am better known as Zikamdali, which means ‘Gifts of the Creator’. When I am on stage, I am a born artist, who has taken the decision to infuse my natural talent with academics. With that being said, I am currently studying for a Diploma in Music at the Nelson Mandela University.

I have been singing since I was 11, and between then and now, I have been part of school choirs, I have entered various talent shows, I have done backing vocals for festival events, and I have been part of a music band called MoJazzRae. I directed and produced music concerts of my own back in Pretoria in 2016, one being an event called Eruption (which I was also an MC for), and another called Touch the Soul. I have also produced school music productions at the University.

I sing and I write my own music, I would also like to add that I am still a scholar, mastering the art of playing the guitar. I cannot quite place my music in a specific genre, but it is a fusion of different musical elements that inspire me. My influences are drawn from traditional African music, jazz, neo-soul, house music, disco and R&B. I also try to mix those elements to create something new and true to me.

I like to think of myself as someone who is always looking forward to being in new spaces and learning from different people, because I’m always looking for new inspiration – and people inspire me. I love to be intellectually challenged by people’s different perspectives on things that affect them in life.

Zamani Mbotho
Zamani is a musician and filmmaker born and raised eMaMpondweni, on the Eastern Cape coast. She learnt her musicianship from her father, who is a multi-instrumentalist. She started her creative career in film between 2011 and 2016 in Joburg and Durban, working behind the scenes in TV shows such as 90Pl St, Cooking Gospel, Made in SA and others.

Zamani’s passion for music developed particularly in 2018 when she joined the Nelson Mandela University and the music community in Gqeberha, where she started performing with a group called AfroGroove, and at the university. At school that year, she also worked in a collaboration with and Dizu Plaatjies as a member of the African Ensemble. She co-founded a band call Mo’Jazrae, where her journey of making music that is not bound by genre began. She also co-founded an Art Collective called ListenLiveAfrika, a platform that was founded to bridge between spaces to express oneself among other creatives, and shows that provide entertainment.
She is a member a band called the Ether, a creation of healing through music from the source.
Zamani composes her music by guitar and played for SongO at the Rhythm and Poetry at Pata Pata in New Brighton. In 2021 she sang back up for Andy Ndlazilwana at the Nomhle Nkonyeni Foundation Festival, Asanda Mqiki and Jooma at the Vocal Explosion. She performed at the MaNdlovu and the Band recently had a live International Women’s Day Concert hosted by the Mandela Bay Theatre Complex and PoeticSoul Lovehouse of Entertainment. She is currently managing LathithaNjalo Productions, a small production house specializing in music concerts, theatre, marimba and events. At LathithaNjalo, they host live shows such as Abadala by Chester Summerton, and recently Umle.

Andy Ndlazilwana
Andy Ndlazilwana Is from Motherwell, Port Elizabeth, a descendant of royal lineage, granddaughter of the late legendary musician Victor Ndlazilwana. Like her granddad, she is also a dedicated and talented singer and songwriter and is currently doing her Diploma in Music at the Nelson Mandela University.

After spending many years in the background as a backup vocalist, she decided to take a step forward and become a band leader in 2016; Andy was soon selected as one of the performers at the 1st Annual Nelson Mandela Arts Festival, the Mamela Festival two years in a row. She later released her first single “Nomalanga Pamunotangira.” The first time she performed at the National Arts Festival, she won a Standard Bank Ovation Award, and later was part of a band that won ESP Young Legends award that allowed them to perform at the Cape Town Jazz Festival. She may not have much under her belt yet… but watch this space; she is a force to be reckoned with.

At birth, her parents named her Sinelizwi. It was intended to mean, ‘We have the Word of God’, but can also mean, ‘we have a voice’. From a very young age, her love for music was obvious. She started performing music in primary school, and started leading the choir in 2011. Her interest in music performance grew and in 2013 when she entered high school, she started learning music theory. During her high school years, she joined the choir and the chamber choir, and spent 5 years under the mentorship of Mrs. Lydia Tzoneeva, the choir conductor and vocal coach. She won special mention, double gold, gold and silver certificates and medals in the Eisteddfod competitions.

In 2018 she enrolled at the Nelson Mandela University Music Department to do an honours degree majoring in classical/opera voice. In her first year, she performed with the South Methodist University of America doing a musical called the Wading Opera where she was given a lead role, and performed a musical called South Pacific the following year. Also in 2019, she had the opportunity to sing with Prof Dizu Plaatjies’ Ibuyambo ensemble when they visited Nelson Mandela University.

She says “singing the way my ancestors used to is a blessing. It has made me understand and embrace my Xhosa/African culture and identity more.”

  • Venue: Thomas Pringle
  • City: Makhanda
  • Location: 1820 Settlers Monument on Lucas Avenue, three levels above the Guy Butler Theatre stage.
  • Ticket Price: R60.00
  • Genre: Music
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Ages: N/A
  • Language: IsiXhosa and English
June 26, 2022   10:00 - 11:00
June 27, 2022   16:30 - 17:30
June 28, 2022   18:00 - 19:00