Intyatyambo Zethu

Keiskamma Trust

Genre: Visual Art

Format: Mixed textile media, including embroidery, appliquéd materials and felt

Ages: All ages

Duration: 8 – 18 July 2021

This is a digital capture of of Physical Exhibtion

Intyatyambo Zethu refers to so much more than our flowers, it refers to the hope that nature brings, in times of drought, scarcity and difficulty, to the communities alongside the Keiskamma River. In this month of July – Eyakhala – the time of the flowering aloes – seeing the dark red and burnt umber aloes is a sign that even in the harshest of times, beauty is germinating, there are cycles and seasons in life and bounty will return. We bring flowers, a sign of nature to those in distress, and to commemorate those who have passed, to remind us of time and change and healing, that life goes on. This exhibition is a celebration of nature and how it inspires.


Artists of the Keiskamma Art Project in Hamburg, Eastern Cape