• Ticket Price: R30.00
  • Duration: 34mins
  • Age Recommendation: 18+ N
  • Genre: Dance
  • Language: n/a

The intuitive ritual unmasks what has been hidden by years of oppression. The stark intuition strips away fear to confront the veiled. Transformation is led by the grief that grows out of lost fragments of the self, to finally embody a divine truth.

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Created by Kofi Maqhawe Dotsey
Director and Performer: Kofi Maqhawe Dotsey
Stage Manager: Justin Dominic Swarts
Sound Engineer: Shaun Douglas
Music: Leon Vynehall, Joyous Celebration
Poster Image: Neville Oarabile Dikgomo
Supplied Image: Keenan Meyer

For Film:
Produced by: PYRAMIDKOFI
Director: Kofi Maqhawe Dotsey
Assistant Director: Justin Swarts
Videographer and Editor: Joao Herminio Eugenio Mucavele


Kofi Maqhawe Dotsey, a Ghanaian-South African performance artist who creates provocative artwork that challenges the status quo, with perspectives drawn from unimagined views of reality. My artistic persona is focused equally on creative and performance research. PYRAMIDKOFI is a multi-disciplinary home for refractive art, founded for multidisciplinary collaboration and creative exchanges in Africa.