Jacob Collier

  • Artist/s: Jacob Collier
  • Duration: 1hr 10mins
  • Age Recommendation: All ages
  • Available From: June 27, 2020

If Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had been born in 1994, with the full range of the modern world’s musical styles, instruments and technology, how would we have described the result? We would call it Jacob Collier! Mozart astonished his musical contemporaries with the obvious ease with which he mastered his instrument and, from the age of 5, composed so effortlessly that the rules of harmony were reconfigured to copy him. It all just seemed impossible. When we look back at our present period, this young Londoner is going to stand out in similar fashion, while Jacob’s childlike enthusiasm, vivaciousness and humanity has endeared him to his peers and millions of enraptured followers. The world has watched in astonishment since the advent of Jacob’s first self-made videos, produced in his bedroom when he was 17, brought attention to this musical phenomenon. His mastery of the piano, stringed and percussion instruments and mesmerising vocal ability are just the start; his compositions, harmonisations and reharmonisations indicate enormous depth of musical understanding, recognised early by his mentor Quincy Jones and encouraged and embraced by the likes of Herbie Hancock. Two Grammys at the age of 22; another two this year – we expect a lifetime of accolades. A digital natural, Jacob mixes and produces his own audio and videos, all under the amazed internet gaze of the world – we can actually watch how our Mozart does it!

4 Grammys by the age of 25!