Journey Beyond

Zip Zap Circus in collaboration with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Ticket Price: R70.00
  • Duration: 1hr 17mins
  • Age Recommendation: All Ages
  • Genre: Music
  • Language: English

Zip Zap and CPO are back together pushing the boundaries to reach the peak of classical entertainment, with artists painting with their bodies and defying gravity. A group of circus dare devils will jump, fly and soar through the air. This will be followed by an array of deep and emotional performances effortlessly done at 8 meters high hanging from a piece of fabric. The beauty of these acts will be reinforced by the simplicity of the apparel and the crystal voice of Robyn Botha. This is what one can expect at Journey Beyond.

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Director: Brent van Rensburg
Filming & editing: Nic Good from Fresh Air Crew
Performers: Zip Zap Circus students & professional performers
Conductor: Brandon Phillips
Musicians: Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra
Singer: Robyn Botha


Brent van Rensburg
Brent is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Zip Zap. He brings over 40 years of experience and passion for the circus having trained thousands of young performers from all walks of life. He is an accomplished rigger and stuntman. Brent has performed in Italy, Holland, Denmark, Norway, France, Monte Carlo, and the USA. After an accident he started as an acrobatic instructor for the Ringling Brothers Clown College in Florida. Following that he ran circus workshops for Club Med Holiday Resorts. There he met his future wife, Laurence Estève and in 1992 they returned to South Africa and started Zip Zap. Together they have trained, choreographed, and directed all the Zip Zap shows.