Liminal – Documentary

Liminal explores the way in which mixed race individuals challenge society’s notion of race as they cannot be easily placed into any pre-existing racial categories. As a result, these individuals face many unique challenges while navigating their social worlds.

A legacy of Apartheid is the racial classifications, including ‘coloured’ for those of mixed race heritage. Towards the end of the apartheid era, a new generation of mixed race children emerged, an opportune representation of South Africa’s rainbow nation.

However, post-racial children have instead exposed the gap within conversations about race in South Africa where most mixed race individuals struggle to comprehend their mixed identities and intersections within a hyper-racialized country.

Liminal aims to generate a conversation between mixed race individuals and allow them to explore their narratives and their identity.

  • Ticket Price: R25.00
  • Genre: Film
  • Duration (minutes): 24mins
  • Ages: PG13
  • Release Date: August 19, 2021 07:01 - September 13, 2021 23:59
  • Language: English



Writer: Tiffani Joy
Producer: Tiffani Joy & Cheryl Naledi Mohale
Production Manager: Cheryl Naledi Mohale
Script Supervisor: Cheryl Naledi Mohale
Director: Tiffani Joy
Director of Photography: Tiffani Joy
Assistant Cinematographer: Amy Swart
Sound Designer: Gabrielle Landers
Editor: Ruann Oosthuizen
Visual Effects Artist: Ruann Oosthuizen
Production Designer: Bronwyn Ireland
Makeup Artist: Bronwyn Ireland
DIT: Ruann Oosthuizen and Gabrielle Landers
Colourist: Tiffani Joy
Interviewees: Dr Gregory Landers; Samantha Landers; Alice Mdluli, Liam Whitcher, Leah Mari, Isabel Landers
Voice over artists: Katischka Kiara & Nicole Snell

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Liminal Documentary Trailer



Tiffani Joy is the writer, director, producer and director of photography for Liminal; an experimental art documentary which explores the concept of race and the way in which racial identity is developed in mixed-race individuals and the controversy which surrounds how they identify within a hyper-racialized society.

The concept of Liminal stemmed from Tiffani’s own experience of growing up as a bi-racial woman in South Africa as well as her research interests in Feminist Theory and Critical Race Theory which has influenced her personal style of filmmaking through poetry, photography and experimental art. Liminal is Tiffani’s first documentary having previously written and directed nine short films which often focused on feminist and social justice issues. As a self-proclaimed intersectional feminist filmmaker, Tiffani hopes to continue her career in filmmaking and create more films that challenge societal norms and dominant culture.