Lisa se Klavier

Ian Strauss

  • Ticket Price: R25.00
  • Duration: 4mins 44sec
  • Age Recommendation: 8+
  • Genre: Music
  • Language: Afrikaans

Die musiek is ‘n verwerking van die sanger Dozi. Die beeld materiaal is deur myself opgeneem of van die internet verkry.

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Ian Strauss


Ian Strauss is a versatile person and believes in balance and harmony in life. He lives for the performing arts and indulge himself in the fine arts. Directors have classified him as a versatile actor who can effortlessly adapt and respond to directions; and pleasant to work with as he maintains a high quality of professionalism in his work.
As a screenwriter he concentrates on the genre of real-life action-dramas with a touch of romance to spice up the story line and a fine line of comedy for tension relief.
He is also a skilled singer and sings an energetic spread of popular evergreen songs in seven different languages in the French Chanson style. He’s familiar with voice-dubbing for film and recordings in studio for radio commercials. He’s also familiar doing acting for green-screen and animation capturing. He loves to take part in experimental and student movie-making learning new techniques and styles of acting.