Mechanical Souls

Digital Rise

An entertaining social experience where the viewers work together to reconstruct the story in its entirety. The experience works with different psychological mechanisms to engage with the story. Each viewer is treated as a new Mechlife employee. As part of their training they are invited to watch a case study in 360°: One of their beta-models was a bridesmaid at a high-society wedding in Asia. Its behaviour has been more than erratic. The audience need to understand why. The 360° film also shows the conflicts among the wealthy families and the struggles for power. After the viewing, the audience will have to share information and debate based on what they have seen.


Presented as part of Creativate Digital Arts Festival.

  • Genre: Live Performance & Film
  • Format: 360° Film, live performance
  • Duration: 40min
  • Language: English
  • Ages: 14+
  • Available From: June 26, 2020


Director: Gaëlle Mourre
Screenwriters: Gaëlle Mourre, L.P.Lee
Photography: Céline Tricart
Stereography: Thomas Villepoux
Music: Jasmin Kent Rodgman


Gaëlle Mourre is a director and screenwriter based in London. Having lived in Asia, the US and Europe, Gaëlle brings her cultural experiences into the worlds that she creates in her films. She is currently working on the development of several projects, each tied together by the common themes of emancipation and the exploration of ethics within surreal settings.