Memories Jam Trio

Memories Jam Trio

  • Ticket Price: R25.00
  • Duration: 45mins
  • Age Recommendation: All Ages
  • Genre: Music
  • Language: English

“Hey Dude”
“Hey Dude?”
“I wanna start a band with a ukulele.”
–Memories Jam Trio–

Memories Jam Trio fuses Hawaiian jams with high energy beats to create what our followers refer to as Hammock Pop (You’re welcome!). Not only are we a delight for the ears but we’re pretty snazzy too, we look like we fell off of a 1970’s cruise ship and you know that’s stylish. Join us for fun in the sun (or from your living room) as we transport you to a beach side cocktail-laden getaway.

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Black Pencil Studios Artists:

Sean McBride – Ukelele and vox
Charles Dubber- Drums & percussion
Rowan Powell – Bass and back-up vox



Meet Sean, Charles and Rowan.
During his Tinder years, a meeting was arranged on a beach in the South Pacific with a Samoan Princess called Matilda AAckookanakaWakaa-heyhey. While walking on the beach – hand-in-hand – a dark and terrible storm appeared; coconuts fell and waves smashed violently against the rocks. Many a crustacean was lost on that fateful day. Then, from the chaos, a ray of light beamed upon the ocean. From the depths of the sea emerged the giant green arm of Poseidon himself; clutching the gold ukulele of Atlantis. Once lost, but now bestowed upon Sean, this magical musical instrument would change his life forever … except Sushi, that was awful. He also hates crab-sticks.
Likes: Not crab-sticks!
On the green pastures of Northern Kwazulu Natal, while herding cattle at his family’s Nguni ranch, the harmony of the heifer’s ringing cowbell left him salivating for more. Later that evening, after being admitted to hospital with bovine flu, he had a fever and the only prescription was more … more cowbell!
Luckily, growing up on the tough streets of Vryheid gave him the edge and he shoplifted his first drumkit at age 17.
Likes & Dislikes: He likes long walks on the beach, green eggs and ham, juggling fire-balls but hates lettuce.
Often confused with Ed Sheeran, Rowan spent many years on the quest for his “soul”. He started working at Chicken Licken getting as much Soul Food as possible in an attempt to fill the gaping void inside him. He forged a bass guitar from chicken bones & tendons – with the void filled, he continues to level up and is currently a level 31 player. Pass the salt!
Likes: Ginger nuts