Raphael Griffiths

  • Ticket Price: R50.00
  • Duration: 15mins
  • Age Recommendation: 18+
  • Genre: Theatre
  • Language: English

NIGHTMARES is a multi-disciplinary art project consisting of photography, film, performance, dance and music. It explores my fears, pit stops and fall starts that I experienced in the last few years, which ultimately led to my depression. I take audiences through a cocktail of emotions, be it grief, anguish, joy or a journey of self-discovery. They get to experience my dreams as I conquer my NIGHTMARES and DEPRESSION through the power of prayer. The piece encompasses 8 songs, 8 poems, 8 fine art self-portraits and 16 photographs blended as part of a 15 minute performance art film starring myself and Khaya.

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Conceived and Directed by Raphael Griffths
Artist: Raphael and Khaya
Producer: Eugene K Mametse


Raphael Griffiths artistic experience and passion was birthed in High School, although I was not intimately involved with painting, drawing nor sketching – as a result my focus leaned towards theoretical studies which propelled me to be on-par with my fellow learners. Post high school I studied film and the love remains undisputed. However the art bug continued, amplified and at some point I found myself as a docent at the Wit Art Museum for a period of two years under tutelage of Anitra Nettleton. This experience and teachings included retrospectives memories by Penny Siopis and Walter Battiss.
Currently I’m enrolled in an Art Appreciation Diploma and my intention is to fuse and link my film and acting background to dive into the realms of performance and visual art. TV – he’s currently playing lead on ETV Telenovela – IMBEWU. Previously a lead on SABC2 Muvhango and a presenter of Q-base28 and Music Moves Me.