Novel-Script Writers’ Development Project: Changing Rooms

Written by Tammany Barton

On a Friday afternoon in a small clothing store we meet Lauren, a young woman trying on dresses; and Winston, an older man trying to assist her. A curtain separates the two, and so, seemingly does a world of different experiences. That is, until Lauren reveals who she really is.


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  • Genre: Theatre
  • Format: Video
  • Duration: 12mins
  • Language: English
  • Ages: 14+ (Adult content)
  • Available From: July 3, 2020

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Written by Tammany Barton
Read by Bhekani Shabalala and Lara Toselli
Directed by Roel Twijnstra

Presented by Twist Projects


Tammany Barton is a playwright and actress who believes that the only way to measure the impact of a great writer is to ask yourself “Do I believe the story? and ” Why do I believe it? She is a writer who respects the art of storytelling and believes writing is a labour of love.

Bhekani Shabalala is a Durban-based theatre creator and stage and television actor, He also teaches acting and mentors young performers.

Lara Toselli is an award-winning actress and writer. Her series, Chin Up, now in its third season, is the first web series to be acquired by Showmax.

Roel Twijnstra is the director of Twist Projects and Head of Live Performance at AFDA, Durban