Tori Stowe

It seems we made a lot of mistakes. Colonialism, eating all the dodos, Justin Beiber, tupperware parties, the 80s in particular and the whole fossil fuel thing…We are living at a time on the world planet (in South Africa particularly), where everything we’re dealing with (plagues, wild fires, chaos and anarchism etc) seems to have been created by historical, hysterical and current mistakes of our own making. Us humans, with our curious urge to explore, discover and then capture and consume everything we see. This exhibition is a digestion of this moment in time. A reverse exploration: a rewriting of everything we have written and rewritten and then painting over it once more. To put it all back in the ship and sail forth.

Genre: Fine Art

Format: Collage, Watercolour & Charcoal on Paper

Age: All ages

Duration: 8 – 31 July 2021

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Tori Stowe is a freelance artist. Drawing, writing, illustrating and designing from her Bathurst studio in rural Eastern Cape. She spends her days designing fabric, ceramics, illustrating books, wishing it would rain, sketching commissions, planting vegetables, doing freelance artwork, talking to dogs, writing thinky things and eating far more cheese than is required for such activities.