“PASSAGES” is a reflection of past childhood memories of freedom in untouched landscapes, to the present exploration of the mystical indigenous Albany thicket in and around Bathurst.

Sandra explores and embraces the subject, often re-investigating and re-interpreting the tradition of creating a realistic drawing. The work consists of small fragmented focal details as opposed to one single obvious viewpoint, playing with the positive and negative images of nature.

The subject matter is that off exploration, through indigenous landscapes, where she finds her inner soul of peace and tranquility.

Genre: Fine Art

Medium: Drawing and Painting

Ages: All ages

Duration: 8 – 31 July 2021


“I am an established fine artist, essentially a painter, but have not limited myself, and practice in many other mediums. I have been fortunate to have had access to many other aspects of art, including printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, photography and stained glass. My first loves are drawing and oil painting. I feel that drawing is not stagnant and is extremely versatile in its choice and use of materials and drawing tools, which allows for all kinds of experimentation.

Born in the Eastern Cape of South Africa I feel that the eastern cape landscapes have a certain wildness. I don’t deliberately look for subjects, but rather journal my travels, mainly though Transkei and the Great Kei River regions, and now recently the North Eastern Cape and the Southern Drakensberg mountains, it is this untamed wilderness that I find challenging to tame. Each scene is either drawn on sight or photographed and worked on later in the day, and sometimes many years later in my studio. Although much of my work is landscape orientated, I am by no means solely a landscape artist, as can be seen by a visit to the gallery, also each work is unique and never repeated.”