Points of Entry Podcast: Ogutu Muraya

Points of Entry is a conversation with curators, artists, and other researchers from across the globe about who they are, what they do, and how we can collectively (re)imagine the roles of cultural organisations in a rapidly changing world. The series addresses art and the people who make it happen and how the big ideas and concrete realities of the current cultural sector intersect with history, geography, politics, science, and spirituality.

In this episode, host Katie Kheriji-Watts speaks with Ogutu Muraya, a Nairobi-based writer and a theatre maker whose artistic work focuses on orature and the politics of memory. They talk about internal and external mobility, the challenges of maintaining mental wellness during the creative process, epistemicide as an (often) unacknowledged legacy of colonial history, and why he decided to stop participating in the European Union’s “undeniably discriminatory visa system.”

This episode was produced with support from the French Institute of South Africa.


GENRE: PodCast


RELEASE DATE: 12 July, 2021 to 31 July 2021