Franco Prinsloo and Sonya Rademeyer

Posthuman is a joint work between award winning composer/musician Franco Prinsloo and visual artist Sonya Rademeyer. The project was created within the confines of the lockdown and across geographical distance, challenging traditional methods of creating. Having done collaborative work before, both artist and musician were able to respond and interpret one another’s work in a way that oscillates collectively, making it in itself a ‘dance for two’ (pas de deux.) The musical composition of the same title ‘Pas de Deux’ from the album Sunnyside Suite, explores the idea of intersections as a place of flux where different roads both meet and part. The composition is not only incredibly well suited to the video footage that examines a post-human topography, but also in the way that the video echoes the musical idea of intersection at a metaphorical level. The work therefore questions whether humankind finds itself at a crossroads where certain choices need to be made.

  • Genre: Music / Visual Art
  • Format: Video
  • Duration: 3min 6sec
  • Language: Non-verbal
  • Ages: PG
  • Available From: June 30, 2020
Content no longer available.


Musician: Franco Prinsloo
Visual Artist: Sonya Rademeyer
Vocals: Franco Prinsloo & Charlotte Botha
Video Editor: MyMalaika_Photography


Franco Prinsloo is an award winning composer and conductor from Pretoria, South Africa. He creates in a diverse variety of contemporary classical styles with a specific focus on choral music, vocal music and music for theatre. He is an active composer in the contemporary music scene in South Africa. Prinsloo has a unique approach to choral rehearsals. He strives to combine a visceral musical experience with voice technique resulting in a unique and beautiful choral sound and musical interpretation that has been praised by music critics. He has been the Musical Director for the Nedbank Arts and Culture Trust Performing Arts Scholarships from 2014 to the present. In 2019 he received the prestigious ACT IMPACT AWARD for Young Professionals from the Nedbank Arts and Culture Trust. A selection of his choral music is published by Helbling Verlag (Austria) and available worldwide online.

Sonya Rademeyer is a South African visual artist based near Cape Town, South Africa. She is interested in exploring empathy through deep listening. Using both sound and movement she strives to visualise the fragility of empathy placing it within culture at large. Since 2018 Rademeyer has incorporated performance into her practice and has performed live-drawing performances with both dancers and musicians both locally and internationally. She is a keen collaborator often working with sound and noise artists as well as composers. In 2019 the experimental collaboration Mis/Seen was nominated for a Blinker award at the Vrystaat National Arts Festival (VNF). VNF has commissioned Rademeyer to create a work for 2020 which composer Franco Prinsloo will be composing for. Rademeyer is a graduate of Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). She has shown work in multiple international group shows and represented South Africa at the 2008 DAK’Art Biennale.