atiyyah khan aka el corazon

A sonic zine mix that explores & deconstructs what we mean when we talk about “African” music & also connect deeper the tradition of music in Islam on the continent. There are various field recordings and records used from across the continent including Gabon, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Somalia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Niger, Guinea, Gambia and more.
The mix works as an accompaniment to a zine titled ‘Bismillah’ of archival material (assembled from collaged record covers) and poetry.

Content no longer available


1) Etudes de ‘jodls’–Musique des Pygmees Bibayak, Baka Bambuke(Gabon) @00:01

2) Nayo–Mandinka and Fulani Music of the Gambia (Gambia) @ 02:29

3) Zatout Nailia-Hauts-Plateux D’Algerie by Ouled Nail (Algeria) @05:29

4) El Hattab=Groupe Folklorique Tunisien(Tunisia) @07:04

5) Chant Saharien- Maroc Eternal by Gerard Kremer (Morocco) @12:20

6) La Haddra Du Desert-Sahara Eternal, Metlili-des-Chambaas et Timimoun (Algeria) @15:17

7) Zarhat El Loxor (Rose of Luxor) -Egypt, Les Musiciens Du Nil (Egypt) @17:36

8) Tagerrabt- Musical Atlas, Algeria (Sahara : Music of Gourara recorded by Pierre Augier)-(Algeria) @19:39

9) Side One, Track 2- Abd Alhalim Hafez, Ay Dameet Hozn La (Egypt) @25 :18

10) Takamba with Modular Synth – Field Recordings From Alternate Realities, Bamako (Mali) @ 28:07

11) Aux tyrans de la terre (To The Tyrants of The World Abu al-Qasim Ash-Shabbi poem*) – Hedi Guella et Hamadi Boulares (Tunisia) @ 32:08

12) Chant De Confrerie: Aissaoua- Musiques Religieuses En Islam – @37:25

13) Takseem – Ahmed Abdul-Malik @39:10

14) Chant Du Laboureur – Abdu El Hamid et Son Orchestre (Egypt) @ 43:30

15) Rag Waa Nacab Iyo Nasteexo (Men Are Cruel and Kind)- Aamina Camaari (Somalia, Sweet Like Broken Dates) @48:48

16) Sif Safaa – Mohamed Moneer (Egypt) @54:47

17) Issusahid Elwaname-Mdou Moctar (Niger) @58:34

18) Ataraghine-Hama (Niger) @01:02:08

19) Amanar- Alghafiat (Sahara) @01:05:27

20) Hasabe-Teshome Meteku (Ethiopia) @01:11:35

21) Akale Wube-Getatchew Mekurya (Ethiopia) @01:14:38

22) Armee Guineenne-Bembeya Jazz National (Guinea) @01:17:39

23) Mbassi – Malamini Jobarteh and Dembo Konte (Gambia) @01:21:21

24) Ishmael- Abdullah Ibrahim (South Africa) @01:26:24


*Translation to poem by Abu al-Qasim ash-Shabbi which is sung in the mix at 32:08 by Hedi Guella et Hamadi Boulares.

To The Tyrants of The World

Imperious despot, insolent in strife,

Lover of darkness, enemy of life!

You mock the anguish of an impotent land

Whose people’s blood has stained your tyrant hand,

And desecrate the magic of this earth,

sowing your thorns, to bring despair to birth,

Patience! Let not the Spring delude you now,

The morning light, the skies’ unclouded brow;

Fear gathers in the broad horizon’s murk

Where winds are rising, and deep thunders lurk;

When the weak weeps, receive him not with scorn—

Who soweth thorns, shall not his flesh be torn?

Wait! Where you thought to reap the lives of men,

The flowers of hope, never to bloom again,

Where you have soaked the heart of the earth with blood,

Drenched them with tears, until they overflowed,

A fiery storm shall suddenly consume you,

And a bloody torrent sweep you to your doom!

-Abu al-Qasim al-Shabbi / Aboul Qacem Echebbi

Tunisia, 1934