Screen Saver

Leila Anderson & Stan Wannet

Screens go idle, minds wander – the world is put on pause. A visual poem in which you can feel time flex beyond the constraints of seconds and minutes. This work is a love poem to the screen saver – a net art throwback to an old technology. In between getting things done, the screen saver fills the gap. In this first fully digital collaboration, the passing of time is explored. Where do we end up when time no longer holds us in place? At the current moment what many have is time and you are cordially invited to waste some of yours and enter into this idle void.

To activate the artwork – sit back, relax and let go of your mouse.

Screen Saver is viewable on laptop, PC or tablet, but is not mobile phone compatible.


Presented as part of the Creativate Digital Arts Festival

  • Genre: Net Art
  • Format: Video
  • Duration: 10min
  • Language: English
  • Ages: PG
  • Available From: June 25, 2020


Content and Creation – Leila Anderson & Stan Wannet

Text extract from an unknown aboriginal poet – quoted from ‘The Colonisation of Time’ by Giordano Nanni


Leila Anderson and Stan Wannet have collaborated on several projects over the years, in South Africa, the Netherlands and China. Leila is a public arts curator and performance maker, who holds an MA from Das Theatre [NL]. Stan is a visual artist and engineer, with degrees in art and electronic engineering [NL]. Stan and Leila make physical, immersive, interactive installations. They have exhibited and performed together at DordtYart Contemporary Art [NL], De Fabriek [NL], Gaea Gallery [CN], Commune.1 [ZA], In House Project [ZA], Infecting the City [ZA], Afrovibes Festival [NL], Verbeke Foundation [BE] and Borderlands Public Arts Project [ZA]. This work is a first fully digital collaboration between the two artists and partners.