Stuppet Stories

Carol Preston

  • Ticket Price: R25.00
  • Duration: 25mins
  • Age Recommendation: All Ages
  • Genre: Children's Choice
  • Language: English

Stuppet Stories are a series of five stories told by puppets, who are known as the Stuppets. The Stuppets used to belong to an old lady who recently died, and now they are emerging from their suitcase to tell their stories through the old lady’s daughter. Gogo tells her story about her great grandmother and the black backed jackal, while Mr Mouse’s tale is about a lunch box boy. Green Man cannot speak in any language that we can understand, but he manages to tell his story about the old baobab tree nonetheless. Goat Man’s story is told in poetry, and tells us how important it is to take care of Mother Earth. Finally, Uncle Jack relates a short tale about a lonely rhino. This is a quiet and intimate show, that teaching us to be kind to each other and the environment.

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Concept, script and performance Carol Preston
Directed by Sue Hall
Assisted by Barry Strydom


Carol Preston began making puppets as a young child, at that time mostly out of cereal boxes. Since then she has worked with glove puppets, muppets and improvised puppets made out of found objects. The Stuppets are her most recent creation and they are rod puppets, made out of ceramics. The focus of her work has an environmental theme to it, where the aim is to raise awareness of environmental issues using gentle and intimate story-telling.