Gavin Krastin

Swell offers an eco-scenographic meditation on a post-human landscape imagined through an immersive video art installation presented as a triptych. The work considers shapes and forms of power, endurance, determination, alchemy and residue in an environment slowly morphing in the wake of human selfishness.

Through the journey of an inflatable plastic castle, rich in symbolism, the work explores unnatural materialities as they come into proximity with natural landscapes and architectures. A series of subtle negotiations surface in this meeting where oscillating status, shifting power and equivocal states of being emerge.

This endeavour was created in a collaborative manner by local Makhanda artists and filmed in sites between Makhanda and Kenton-on-Sea.

Genre: Video Art

Format: Installation capture

Language: English

Ages: All ages

Duration: 8 – 31 July 2021


Concept & Director: Gavin Krastin
Director of Photography & Editor: Evaan Jason Ferreira
Dramaturge: Alan Parker
Production Manager: Julia Ruzyczka de Rosenwerth
Stage Managers: Matshawandile Kopele & Ashwin May
Stuntman: Jandre Terblanche
Photographer: Georgia Herron Lekorotsoana
Designer: Ayanda Maseko

Swell is supported by the National Arts Council’s Presidential Economic Stimulus Package


Gavin Krastin is an artist, curator and educator working predominantly in live art performance. He holds a Master of Arts Degree in choreography and performance, from Rhodes University Department of Drama, and is immersed in the professional performance art scene in South Africa and abroad. From 2013 he lectured (part-time) at UCT’s Centre for Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies, but in 2018 he joined his alma mater, Rhodes University (or the University Currently Known as Rhodes), as a lecturer.

Gavin’s interests lay in the body’s representation in alternative and layered spaces. His practice straddles theatre, dance, visual arts and curatorship, resulting in artworks that are often full of beauty, but not always easy to stomach. The queering of space intrigues him and inspires a questioning of behaviours and transgressions in his work. Rather than using performance to escape the politics and mess of ‘the body’, he uses his body to occupy and subvert aspects of presentation and representation. In 2018 he founded and launched the Live Art Arcade, an annual and nomadic experimental platform for live art and performance by young multidisciplinary artists.

Permeating multiple spaces, Gavin nurtures and inspires an inventive and imaginative ethos in the realisation of artistic production, education and curation in the performance industry and our communities. His work has been shown across South Africa and in the USA, Canada, England, Wales, Scotland, Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil and Switzerland.


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