The Cosmic Egg

New Moon

 The Cosmic Egg is a virtual reality traditional dance theatre sci-fi musical film from Botswana. It is the story of an unusual ostrich egg hunt that takes the hunters through an unexpected journey from the past to a musical future. The story is told through Tswana, San and contemporary dances, traditional songs with some traditional instrumentation. A soundtrack comprised of original compositions and opera with narration in Setswana by Dr Leloba Molema and subtitled in English. New Moon is a collective of artists directed by multi-media artist Moratiwa Molema. New Moon has performed at the Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival in Soweto and at corporate events, art galleries and at theatre festivals in Botswana.


If the video image appears out of focus please adjust the resolution on the player by clicking on the settings icon on the bottom left of the viewing window.

  • Genre: Dance, Theatre SciFi Musical
  • Format: 360° Film
  • Duration: 14mins
  • Language: Setswana (English Subtitles)
  • Ages: All ages
  • Available From: July 1, 2020


Cedric Ncube – Guitar, Musical director
Andrew Chinganga – Flute
Joseph Kahuma- Conga
Queen Botho Garekwe – Time Traveling Egg Blesser – Voice
Tebogo ‘Debbie with a T’ Gaetsewe – Time Traveling Egg Blesser – Voice
Chedza Pilare – Time Traveling Egg Blesser- Voice

Studio recording:
Bakang ‘Baks’ Senekwane- Setinkani – composition
Thabiso ‘Virus’ Tsholofelo – Segaba
Charles ‘Favi’ Motsemme – Keyboard
Cedric Ncube – Guitar

Mr Ostrich: Brian Mapii-choreography
Miss Ostrich: Bianca Setumbeko-choreography
Hunter 1: Kagiso “”Checks”” Mochebeswane
Hunter 2: Thabiso “”Virus: Tsholofelo-traditional dance choreography
Hunter 3: Bakang “”Baks”” Senokwane
Village lady 1: Kealeboga Baraedi
Village lady 2: Gofaone Keakantse
Future dancer 1: Mothusi “”Mizzy”” Tikologo
Future dancer 2: Prince Phalalo- choreography
Futute dancer 3: Ndumiso Nyoni
Future dancer 4: Ditiro Kapeko

Shmerah Passchier – VR Camera, Offline edit, sound design, make-up
Devan Lowery – Online edit
Skhombuzo Dlomo – Visual effects
Leloba Molema – Voice over script, translation
Onkemetse Kehalotse – Costume
Tricia Sello – Logistics
Moratiwa Molema – Concept, director, artistic director, producer, choreography, costume


Cedric Ncube is a musician from Zimbabwe. He is a guitarist, entertainer and music tutor with 20 years experience

Andrew Chinganga is a saxophonist, flutist and Jazz & session musician from Zimbabwe who has played with Hugh Masekela, Jabu Khanyile, Mbongeni Ngema and played along side Joe Sample and David Sandborn amongst many others.

Joseph Kahuma is an AFDA Botswana film student, drummer from Botswana.

Queen Botho Garekwe is an AFDA Botswana acting student, gospel singer, song writer from Botswana

Tebogo ‘Debbie with a T’ Gaetsewe is a Soul singer, song writer, actress from Botswana who studied Dramatic Arts at Tshwane University of Technology

Chedza Pilare is an Opera singer and music teacher from Botswana who studied music at UKZN Howard College

Bakang ‘Baks’ Senekwane is a traditional dancer, singer and Setinkani player from Botswana. He is a living traditional song library.

Thabiso ‘Virus’ Tsholofelo is a traditional dancer, singer, Segaba player, Dj from Botswana. He is the leader of traditional dance troupe Batsumi and is a traditional song library.

Kagiso ‘Checks’ Mochebeswane is a Traditional Poet, actor, dancer,singer from Botswana.

Kealeboga Baraedi is a traditional dancer and singer from Botswana

Charles ‘Favi’ Motsemme is a keyboardist, composer, music producer from Botswana.

Brian Mapii is a dancer, choreographer, acrobat, stilt walker, afro pop singer from Botswana. He is the founder of acrobatic group Flexiville.

Bianca Setumbeko is a freelance hip hop and contemporary dancer from Botswana.

Gofaone Keakantse is a ballroom dancer, gymnast and contemporary dancer from Botswana.

Mothusi ‘Mizzy’ Tikologo is a free lance Hip Hop dancer from Botswana.

Prince Phalalo is a Hip hop dancer, choreographer, dance tutor and MC from Botswana

Ndumiso Nyoni is a Hip hop dancer from Botswana

Ditiro Kapeko is a Hip Hop dancer Botswana

Shmerah Passchier is a film maker, writer, director, producer, lecturer, academic who studied at AFDA Johannesburg. She is from South Africa.

Devan Lowery is a Film editor from South Africa

Skhombuzo Dlomois is a VR editor who studied at AFDA Johannesburg. He is from South Africa.

Dr Leloba Molema is an editor at Mafokomanuscriptservices, a writer, linguist, historian and a retired African literature lecturer from Botswana.

Onkemetse Kehalotse is an Afda Botswana graduate in costume design from Botswana.

Tricia Sello is an Afda Botswana graduate. She is a film maker, producer and activist from Botswana.

Moratiwa Molema is a dance theatre director, artistic director, film maker, painter, sculptor, video installation artist, poet, film lecturer who studied at University of Hartford and UCT. She is from Botswana.