The Listening Biennial – Sessions

The Listening Biennial draws attention to listening as a relational capacity, a philosophical and political proposition, a creative practice, and research framework. From radical empathy to weak ontology, poetic refusal to diasporic resistance, eavesdropping to intimate envelopment, listening wields a creative and critical force that may contribute to maintaining the diversity of our social adventure.

The Listening Biennial brings together an international group of participating artists, musicians, and researchers, as well as institutions and collectives across the globe, to foster questions and experiences of listening. The Listening Biennial is conceived as a global project and aims at a curatorial construct of shared resonances and polyvocal manifestations. From critical storytelling, experimental noise, and musical rapture to acoustic care, interspecies contact, and environments of sounded matter, the Biennial aims at fostering a listening world.

From 15 – 31 of July we invite you to tune in at 12 noon to engage in a unique listening experience. These will last between 15 and 45 minutes. Visit this page daily to see what you can look forward to.

  • Ticket Price: R0.00
  • Genre: Exhibition
  • Ages: None
  • Language: English



Participating artists: Octavio Aguilar & Diego Martínez Guillén (Mexico), Khyam Allami (Iraq/UK), Carlos Amorales (Mexico), Wah-yan Au (Hong Kong), Tania Candiani & Bárbara Lázara (Mexico), Antoine Chessex & Mélia Roger (Switzerland/France), Michele Chu (Hong Kong), Bidisha Das (India), Yannick Dauby (France/Taiwan), Yolande Harris (UK/US), Jeph Jerman (US), Khaled Kaddal (Egypt), Nandita Kumar & Joseph Kamaru (India/Kenya), Isuru Kumarasinghe & Sara Mikolai (Sri Lanka), Sharon Lee (Hong Kong), Sandra Monterroso & Manuel Estrella Chí (Guatemala/Mexico), Ziad Moukarzel (Lebanon), Alecia Neo (Singapore), Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere (US), Camille Norment (US/Norway), Surabhi Saraf (India/US), Mene Savasta (Argentina), Wantanee Siripattananuntakul (Thailand), Ish Sherawat (India), Fernando Vigueras (Mexico), Raheleh (Minoosh) Zoromodinia (Iran/US).

Curators: Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Brandon LaBelle, Israel Martínez, Yang Yeung.

Initiator: Brandon LaBelle


Brandon LaBelle is an artist, writer and theorist working with sound culture, voice, and questions of agency. Guided by situated and collaborative methodologies, he develops and presents artistic projects and performances within a range of international contexts, mostly working in public and with others. This leads to performative installations, poetic theater, storytelling, and research actions aimed at forms of experimental community making. From gestures of intimacy and listening to critical festivity and open movement work, his practice aligns itself with a politics and poetics of radical civility. This includes discursive, ethnographic and archival work, and poetic approaches to knowledge making.

His work has been presented at Club Transmediale, Berlin (2019), Kunsthall 3,14, Bergen (2018), La Tabacalera, Madrid (2017), Documenta 14, Athens (2017), South London Gallery (2016), Tel Aviv University Art Gallery (2015), Marrakech Biennial (parallel project), 2014, General Public, Berlin (2013), The Whitney Museum, NY (2012), Image Music Text, London (2011), Sonic Acts, Amsterdam (2010), A/V Festival, Newcastle (2008, 2010), Tramway, Glasgow (2010), Museums Quartier/Tonspur, Vienna (2009), 7th Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Allegro (2009), Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade (2009), Casa Vecina, Mexico City (2008), Fear of the Known, Cape Town (2008), Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam (2003, 2007), Ybakatu Gallery, Curitiba (2003, 2006, 2009), Singuhr Gallery, Berlin (2004), and ICC, Tokyo (2000). He regularly produces works for radio, notably Documenta / Savvy Funk, Berlin (2017), Radio Reina Sofia (2016), Kunstradio in Vienna (1999, 2001, 2007, 2009) and Deutschland Radio (2009).

He is the author of Acoustic Justice: Listening, Performativity and the Work of Reorientation (2021), The Other Citizen (2020), Sonic Agency: Sound and Emergent Forms of Resistance (2018), Lexicon of the Mouth: Poetics and Politics of Voice and the Oral Imaginary (2014), Diary of an Imaginary Egyptian (2012), Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life (2019; 2010), and Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art (2015; 2006).